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Noble Quest

By AthenaMyth
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Old picture- added story.


    It had been hours since Prophodia had sent him away from her nesting grounds and Nekros was getting restless. Any attempts to go back while she was in that state of mind would be suicide of course, so he was left wandering the plains. It was rather boring actually and he found himself reflecting on all of the happenings of past and future.

    He was winning over the bright mare. Her present labour was evidence of that and he was certain their impending child would only strengthen their attachment. He had won over that stupid looking chestnut. She was his now and his alone. The only battle he had now was winning her over to his master.

    But that would come in time, Hades soothed in his mind. In time. A woman was difficult to seduce. She had to be carefully, ever so carefully managed until her mindset was the same and her will was bought. It took time. Time and patience.

    Banishing the conversation from his mind, the stallion shook his mane and continued trudging. He had to find a place to sleep, to rest for the night. Not too close to the bushes near the birthplace either, if he wanted his stallionhood intact.

    So Nekros searched, following a meandering streambed until he found a small clearing that spoke of comfort and sleep. So he settled, grunting as his legs were folded beneath him and closing his eyes to sleep until the dawn.

    Such a plan worked. Until the early morning hours, the dark beast slept peacefully. It was not until the false rays of dawn appeared in the night sky that Nekros was awakened by the stirrings of another in the nearby bush. With a quiet snort, he came upright, tilting his ears towards the noises and lowering his head slightly in defense.

    “Who is there?” He demanded, his voice bellowing in the still dawn. “Who is it that disturbs my sleep?”

    In response, vines slithered out from beneath the underbrush and a still, clear voice responded. “Only a sprite who did not mean to disturb anyone, but is only looking for a place to rest.” Stepping out from around the bushes, a pale mare, twined with vines stepped forward, her head lowered slightly in a non-threatening manner. She watched the large stallion as he took stock of her form and relaxed his own stance.

    “Well then, noble sprite, what you seek is here.” Nekros invited, stepping sideways to provide a space beside him. He watched as she stepped in beside him, noting her pale features and spotted face. She was different, but not unattractive. There was something pleasing about the spots she sported, a uniqueness he was drawn to.

    He paused when he noticed she was looking at him too, a questioning look on her features. The stallion brushed it aside and settled down. “So noble sprite, what is your name? Or must you remain nameless in order to return to your master unscathed?” He questioned, waiting for her to do the same.

    “I have no master.” She replied with amusement, settling down a modest distance away. “So I suppose to tell you my name would do me no harm. It is Audrey. And yours, strange stallion?”

    “It is Nekros. “ He mused, noting the distance. Well, so she wouldn’t be that friendly as he had hoped. Ah well. “What brings you here Audrey? In search of fame, fortune or friend?”

    “None of the above, really. I seek very little at this point, but a place to stay and call my home. Anything else is to be extra.” The mare shared softly, laying her head down. “That is all one needs, all I can ask to have.” With a tired yawn, the mare drifted off to dreamland, exhausted from the amount of time she had been travelling since the beginning of this great journey.

    While she slept, Nekros watched, amused and a bit annoyed she’d dropped off just like that. There was so little time he had to know of her. But he supposed that it would not be questionable if he remained away for just a few days. After all, labour was a tricky thing and could take many days. It would be best if he stayed a few days away from his mate. It would give him time to get to know Audrey better and perhaps help her in her own quest.

    Who could question a noble stallion doing what was best and what was right for another of his kind?

    No one. That’s who.

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