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Horse: Alabaster Gold ECS
Rider: Chase Beilschmidt
Show: SVI Schooling Show - August JUDGED : Sept. OPEN
Class: Show Hunter/Jumper

Well, this was it. This was the first show that Eagle Crest had entered under Chase's management and he was both excited and nervous. He and Romana had walked the jumper course previously, counting strides and corners thrice to ensure he knew it inside and out. The young man stroked Abby's muzzle while Romana finished tightening the girth for him.

"Ready for this?' She questioned, coming around to his shoulder so that Chase knew she was finished. "Better get out in the warm up ring. They'll be calling your number before you know it."

He chuckled and shrugged, clucking to the mare as he walked beside Romana, her hand on his elbow to guide him. "I don't know if  ready is the right word, but we're doing it anyway. Our warmbloods have so much potential, it's time to show that off. Besides, Abby likes to pretend she's an old hand at this." He smiled as the grey mare snorted beside him, alert and curious, but quiet as she was led by the blind man. "I think she's probably the best one to start my 'real' showing career on, hm?"

Romana merely smiled. "You've got this Chase." Leading him to the mounting block, she held the mare while he mounted, leading the two out and away from the others warming up to a flat spot where they had space to warm up without worry. "Alright, you've got about 40 meters to warm up with." She directed, moving to the middle of the circle where he would be riding. She watched silently as Chase walked around her, feeling out their boundaries before asking for an upward transition.

He spent about 15 minutes warming Abby up before indicating he was ready to pop her up over some jumps. Romana led the pair back to the warm up ring before getting the attention of the other riders.

"Could everyone please move to the sides please, we're going to do a few warm up jumps." She announced. "Please give this mare space and be curtious!" They'd had issues before with people circling the jumps and popping in and out without warning. Chase was good, but there was only so much he could know and he couldn't see if someone decided to rally around and dart in front of him. Quietly she gave him instructions for pacing and stood between the two jumps, supervising. She gave him four or five jumps before calling him off.

"You're up in three." Romana told him. "lets walk her until then. She's going to be great."

Chase smiled slightly and patted the grey neck. "She's always great. Your dad trained her well. I'm just here for the ride." He teased, sitting up when his number was called and gathering his reins. Without another comment, his handler led him to the in gate, and let go. It was all him now.

Tilting his head down where he knew Romana to be, Chase gave her a tiny salute before clucking, urging Abby into a collected canter to begin their round.

"Wish me luck 'Mana."

Reference: Show Jumping Pius Schwizer
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You are welcome ñ.ñ
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i love this!!!
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I really like the composition, with your characters jumping out of the frame - it's very dynamic :)
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Thank you very much. :)
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You're welcome :)
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Wow, I love those dark lines, they create such a nice contrast with the colors and make everything look so clean :)
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Thank you very much for your lovely comment.  I tend to struggle with the inking style, so your thoughts on it have been much appreciated. :)
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