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It had been a slow winter season, with a lot of snow, and extreme cold warnings. Because of this, none of the staff at Eagle Crest had been able to do much training, let alone any jumping. It was too cold on the horse's lungs to exert much energy and too great a risk of getting chilled after sweating through thick winter coats. Chase had decided against clipping any of the horses this year due to the extreme cold forecasts, so all the horses, from the heavy coated Scotians to the thinner skinned warmbloods, sported thick, fuzzy coats.

But finally the weather turned warm enough to do something without fear of illness or injury and Serge had tacked up an extremely unfit Rivo. The stallion had basically been out of work for 2 months, in a stall, or a small turn out, and, now older at 8 years, had put on a little chub around the girth. If he wanted to put the stallion back into a show career in the spring, that had to come off. And doing some lovely, boring flatwork was the way to do that.

As impatient as he was to do something more 'fun', Serge had learned enough over the past few years to know that if he caused this stallion to colic or worse, he'd be worse than fired. So he warmed the stallion up slowly, sticking to walking and trotting and just working on focus and commands with him to remind Rivo that there was such a thing as work, and he did need to have an attention span. After 20 minutes of feet dragging and just plain stopping in the middle of the track to look at things, Serge breathed a sigh of relief when suddenly something 'clicked' and the bay remembered what leg signals were, lifting each foot up in an effort to 'track up' beneath his rider instead of lagging behind. 5 more minutes of that and he'd quit before he lost the stallion once again.

It was a start. A slow start, but a start none the less.
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I love that pasture belly <3 xD The angles really make it look like he's working and using his muscles. I like him, he's a nice-looking fellow.
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Haha, even show horses get that pasture belly.

He's one of my favourites, even if I haven't shown him a whole lot.
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Beautiful :D Such a sweet horsie <3 I love the touches or red you used to shade :D
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Thank you~

I love reds... They are fun to play with. <3
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Hahaha yes they are :D
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All the chubby pone
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