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Attending the Masters



Handlers: Chase Beilschimdt and Serge Vallant
Image: Vet Check

“Let me get this straight. You want to ship off a horse to Alberta to compete in the Spruce Meadows Masters, just weeks before we ship off to Europe?” Chase raised an eyebrow in question at his subordinate, who looked back at him with hopeful, yet guarded look.

 “… It’s the Masters cup… arguably one of the more famous international shows… hosted in our own country… Rivo and I have been working really hard, and I know we can do this. It’d be a lot better to do before we go to Europe. Less jetlag and potentially cheaper flights.”

 “Not likely.” Chase snorted slightly. Plane ticket prices were abhorrent across Canada. It was definitely cheaper to fly to Europe. Or the US. Anywhere but inside Canada.

 “Come on Chase. We can represent Eagle Crest, our province, our own country, get us back on the world stage, before we split up the team and cover more international shows.” Serge pleaded, waving his hands around as he spoke in an effort to make his point.

 “…” Chase stared at him, expression unwavering throughout all the dancing and pleading. “On one condition.” He paused, hiding a smile as the other twitched and wiggled impatiently. “You don’t go alone. I’m taking Doxi along and competing in the Masters too.”

 “YES!” With a whoop, Serge ran off to send in his registration, leaving his boss snorting and shaking his head behind him.


 Just weeks later, there they were, on the fabled grounds of Spruce Meadows. Serge was nearly shivering with excitement as he scurried around, setting up his tack in the designated tack area, checking water and hay for Rivo and generally being a nuisance to his boss and the team member who was there as a groom.

 “Is it almost time for the vet check? Where’s Rivo’s gear?”

 Katrina rolled her eyes and held up the leather lead and halter in her hands. “You’ve got about 15 minutes. I was going to go groom him right now, then you can take him in for the vet check. Think you will survive until then?” She raised an eyebrow in question as the other sheepishly grinned.

“Sorry. I guess I should go get ready to take him out then. Meet you in 10 at his stall?” At her nod, he took off towards the trailer to change into his stable gear.

“I don’t know that he’s going to survive the Masters…” Katrina muttered to Chase on her way out.

 “Why is that? Think he’s going to drive himself into the ground in excitement?” He chuckled.
“No. Because I’m going to kill him if he doesn’t chill out.” She shot back before disappearing down the aisle.

 Shaking his head, Chase merely grinned before following suit. He had his own gear to throw on before their vet check and he was sure Serge wasn’t going to wait for him to be ready.

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I adore the coloring of the silver bay!