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At Rest - Practice

By AthenaMyth
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Well, my Christmas Vacation did not go anyway like I planned. I was going to finish drawings, I was going to comment on some things, I was going to... do many things. Like work on my very rusty drawing skills.

Despite that, take my First Post of 2021 as notification that I haven't died and while the next 2-3 months are going to be very unsettled while I go through some huge life changes (again...), I have the goal to draw more and finish the paintings I started and engage more with people I watch.

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This turned out very good!

Sorry your vacation didn't go as planned. I hope this year is a great year!

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Thank you!

:shrug: rvmp I relaxed though, so it was good for mental health purposes. Just not for every other area of my life. ;P

Here is to hoping!

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You're welcome

oh then thats good!! :D

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This is beautiful! The color and shading is so rich <3

Good luck with those life changes. I hope everything goes well.:heart:

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Thank you~ I am pleased with how the colour turned out.

Thank you, I'm sure it will. It's just that time where you're not entirely certain how things will turn out, currently.

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I understand. That was me through all of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. <3

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I feel that, I wanted to draw so much over the holidays but nothing happened ^^;

This looks great!! love the soft texture of your pencelling, and the colourful shades you put in there :love: Looking forward to seeing more of your art again! Good luck for the coming months <3

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Ugh, yes. I had about 50 things to do and I did none of them. :shrug: rvmp

Thank you! <3

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