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Areion 64



Name: Areion (Ἀρίων)
Meaning: Moon Creature on High
ID: 64
Aksiothos (Scion)
Gender: Stallion
Phenotype: Amber Sapphire Champagne Silvertail Snowcap Appaloosa with Bend-Or Spots
Genotype: EE Aa ChCh SvSv LpLp (patn2patn2) SS CmCm
Elemental Affinity: Water (Common)
Shapeshifter Ability: Cat (Felidae)

Personality: Presumably named after Poisidon and Demeter's offspring, Areion considers his naming of the highest honour, a symbol of his standing within the gods favour and fortune smiling upon his future. As such, he is a bit egotistical about his worth and value compared to his compatriots and is generally standoffish from his kind. Being booted from Olympus and the presence of the gods has shaken his understanding of how his life is supposed to be, but he still clings to the belief that he is special in the sight of them, and that the fates will once more smlie upon his path. 

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Design: Aksiothos Scion No. 64

Reference: SRCS Clydesdale #149

Bought a printer... but apparently this guy isn't scannnable in a feasible way. So, Apopogies for the phone-photo :/
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As a coloured pencil user, I appreciate the hell out of how well you did getting his colours right :giggle: He looks amazing, and I love his name, it fits him well!