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A Wolf in Candy Clothing?

By AthenaMyth
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Entry for 2016 Hallow's Hysteria Final Celebrations
Featuring Kuwoso 1180 and his daughter Liakada 1345

A bit out of storyline context, but we're going to ignore that. XD It's far into the future.

    Groaning, Kuwoso settled himself down in a soft mossy spot on the forest floor, amused at his young daughter’s skittering about, basket held proudly. While All Hallow’s Eve was for human children, he couldn’t see not taking young Liakada out to participate as well. After all, his master was taking his own children out. Gavin had even helped out with their costumes and Liakada had been pleased as punch with her little red riding hood costume. She was even happier when her sire had been dressed up as the wolf and had been hard to calm down enough to even start the journey for candy gathering.

    Once they’d started however, it had been an adventure for the little filly and one she had thoroughly enjoyed. Going from house to house, she eagerly showed off her little cape to whomever would see it and holding up her basket for whatever treats they would give her. She was so happy with all the compliments that even now, after finishing her trick or treating, she was still prancing about, showing off the flow of her cape with her wind powers for optimum flutterage to all the leaves and branches.

    Kuwoso chuckled and let her prance a bit more before calling her over. It took a little persuasion for the stallion to get the pale filly to give up her treats for a moment, but he made it a game, having her sort it all out the way she wanted before tucking the majority by him. She wasn’t going to be choking down all that sugar tonight, that was for sure. He ignored her complaints, heaping a small pile back into her basket to do as she wished before heaving a yawn. Oh… It had been a good day, but that trip back and forth from the castle into the village was a long one.

    While his daughter amused herself with the basket and her items, the stallion curled up and wearily laid his head down. A nap before taking the last leg of the trip to the castle grounds wouldn’t be amiss. With another quiet sigh, he soon dozed off.

    Fluttering about the clearing, Liakada played around with her cape a bit more, enjoying the way it fluttered and moved in the little breezes she made. Soon though, thoughts of her prizes came to mind and the little filly delved into the basket, taste testing most of the treats in it. That did her for a few moments, but soon she was back to fluttering around, making her father’s short tail flutter in her little breezes.

    In one of her passes, some of the candy wrappers drifted away, causing the filly to pause and watch as it was moved across the clearing and caught the edge of her sire’s razor mane. And stayed. She giggled slightly and looked closer at her Sire, poking at the wrapper and not disturbing his slumber. Backing up, she tilted her head slightly and mused to herself, looking back down into her basket. Daddy wasn’t quite dressed up enough it seemed…

    With a quiet giggle to herself, Liakada sent a few more wrappers drifting off into his mane, humming quietly as she alternated the coloured wrappers and stuck a straw in the middle, just because. Next, a chip bag kept getting under her feet, so that was sent twisting and turning to his back. It almost matched his coat and she giggled a little louder, stomping her feet in delight.

    Her little stomps set out a wave of wrappers and she gasped a little as one of the larger bags impaled itself on one of Kuwoso’ horns. The little filly paused a moment, but her sire didn’t move other than to grunt and breathe. With another giggle, she continued to parade around, sending little wrappers here and there towards her sire.

    It was quite a few moments later that Kuwoso awoke and he was surprised by the rustling and crinkling that went on as he stretched. Was he that old? Surely that walk hadn’t been that hard on his body?

    But a little girl’s giggles soon alerted him that everything was perhaps not what it seemed and the stallion tipped his head as he noticed a flash of blue out of the corner of eye. “And what kind of fun were you having?” He chuckled, pushing himself up to his feet and shaking, a wave of wrappers fluttering down around his feet.

    “Good fun?” She tried, giggling as a few wrappers stubbornly stayed put in his mane. “Just… helping your costume be better.”

    “Oh really?” He chuckled and nudged her playfully, taking her basket from her and loading the rest of her candy in it for the trip home. “I didn’t think wolves were wrapper prone.”

    “Mmm.. Maybe.” The filly giggled and bopped his nose with hers. “It was pretty though.”

      “Pretty, indeed.” Kuwoso snorted. “Come on little red riding hood… Time to get your little cape back to it’s bed.” With another playful nudge he urged his daughter back towards the castle, taking the basket in his mouth as he trodded slowly behind her, the sun setting slowly behind them as they travelled home.

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What a playful filly xD And I love that background, such beautiful colors! A perfect autumn sunset.
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She's adorable. :heart: Thank you very much!! I really love how that background turned out.
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Good luck, I love this!
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This has some dam fine pencil work! love the shading!
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Thank you very much!
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Daw this is stinkin cute xD
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Thank you!! I thought it would be... I really love their relationship. :heart:
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Omg so adorable!!!!
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Thank you! I love them...
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I just love your art so much. you inspire me to wanna improve with each piece you post. you are magnificent and an inspiration.
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Thank you so much for your comment. You have no idea how much it means to me, to hear that my art inspires and encourages others.
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