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Ser Aymeric de Borel

Just realized I haven't do Aymeric a solo painting! Here it comes! 
Here is to you, Lord Commander of Temple Knights; a noble Peace-maker; Ender of Dragonsong War; Founder of the new republic; Heart of Ishgard; and, my dearest one.   
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So beautiful <3 so handsome <3 <3 <3
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I mean.  Estinien is cool and ragey and burns down all the small-plot cottages and everything but.  I definitely prefer this Dragoon.

This is just cool beyond words. ; ;
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Nice! I was really a fan of this character and the dragons Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg.
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This is awesome!
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this is gorgeous! The colours play so well together!
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Aymeric! Amazing job! He looks amazing!
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You know it's times like this me this I sometimes mess wish he wasn't with Lucia. Wonderful job!
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Omg I'm such a big fan of FFXIV and Aymeric, amazing work!
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Waaaah, looks great!!
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So cool, so... so divine!!! My God I love this one!!!! >.<
Incredible work!!!! Well done! :D
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Thx!Wanna make poster or something...Took me real long-_-His gears OMG just kill me-_-llll
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Yeah, Aymeric's gear is a punch in the face... but you did it greatly! I like it probably for that!
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