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Daenerys and Arya

A Song of Ice and Fire (or "Game of Throne" to TV series followers) fanart. Daenerys and Arya are my favourites characters!!Gotto paint them!

I was worried about the combination of these two characters because they are not really related in the story. I love both of them so much that i couldn't give up any of them so I put them together.I was thinking Targaryen's "Blood and Fire" and Stark's "Winter is coming" just nicely hinting the words "Ice"and"fire" in the book title. The title does not mean these two houses but ice and fire are nice elements for illustrations, aren't they?

If ya like it hope ya can vote me here for the fanart fest:… (Trojan horse was a unicorn festival)
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This is a wonderful piece, makes me jealous of your art skills as well as very awestruck (I believe that's the word).
Even if they are not related directly in story, they have nice parallels. There's a gif set on tumblr about and a long discussion post also there comparing pieces of their book PoVs.
I mean, they are the most close to their sigils from the ones known to be of their house (Daenerys, in the books at least, talks much of the dragon blood, how dragons don't cry and many others; and Arya the same, talking of her wolfblood and things like so. They have nice parallels, give it a look). This is 
Also: I ship them, so there's that.