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A Call To Arms

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This is painted for my guild Elysian from server Shadowmoon TW.
Hunter:Elosith(me>///<)and my dearest pet Cerberus
Deathknight: Etharion

sorry to those guild members i didnt have time to add in yet>///<..
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"Priest:Cheese" Me: What the fu- y'know what? I'm not going to question it!
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OctagonHis full-ID is actually Octagoncheese...yeah dun question it hahahahahaha
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of course, the men are dressed and dignified and the women are naked and objectified... no double standard or anything, especially great when it's female artists who depict things this way :/
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I hope you're joking, cause last I checked, people were free to dress and act the way they want. I can hardly say this is objectifying when these women wear the armor they do. It's hard to remain mobile and nimble if you have all that plate restricting your body. The elf looks to be a traditional huntress, and the human woman looks to be a rogue. The elf dresses the way she does to move freely through the forests of Kalimdor. The human woman, wears her armor because as a rogue, you must use all that you possess to survive. Less armor means less restriction, meaning faster movement and is less likely to be wounded. It also means they are faster, therefore able to hunt and run down prey. What they wear is plausible for both their line of work and culture. To further prove this reasoning, watch this video:…

Oh yes, and next time, try not to shame your fellow woman because of her artistic liberties. 
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Gotta love when female artists spam me with an entire essay trying to justify why it's supposedly right to objectify only women and not men; I don't know why we ever blame men for fetishizing and objectifying us when we will fight to the death for the double standard of our-- and only our-- degradation. Well done, Einstein. 
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Oh thank you my dear, I do try. Though I couldn't really see how this is objectifying, considering the background and culture of the two women in the pic. One comes from a culture where the idea of clothing is just that, clothing. The night elves do not share our ideas of modest, so both men and women would be walking around half naked most of the time. They wear the little armor they do, do to the fact that such heavy clanky armor would not be plausible or helpful in the least bit against predators that are both stronger and faster then anything they could make. And the's fair to say she might share the idea of objectifying, but she uses this idea as a tool to have an edge. Hell, with people like you that look at her armor, it's easy to be duped, considering that you're worried about how she dresses rather then how she fights. And as for the men in this pic, it's clear that they are not rogues or hunters, or any class within the game that would require less armor. The heavy armor they carry already depicts the idea that underneath, they're stronger and much bigger built. The men in this pic won't pick off their prey from a distance like the elf hunter, and they clearly can't sneak up on their foes or perform lethal acrobatics like the human rogue. No, they are going to charge the front, where if they did not have that armor, they'd be cut or smashed to mush in mere seconds.

Also, it's not really objectifying, when none of this caters to the idea of later on using these women for sex. In her description, it clearly states that this is her guild, therefore the pic is a reflection of what the characters actually look like in-game. The way they are posed, no one is thinking of touching the other, and if they are that's their business. So to put it more clearly, THERE IS NO DEGRADATION and THERE IS NO DOUBLE STANDARD. If the artist felt ashamed of the look, she wouldn't have made the pic this way now, would she? How about you stop crying, and stop playing the victim, because the fear and ignorance in your comment just means you're weak.
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Ever notice how no matter what role the women have, they're always just barely armored?
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Simply wonderful :D
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Where is the gnome??? They're excellent in rogue class!!
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yeah they are. I'm drawing my guild friends, not alliance all jobs.
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Great composition and colors. . . I love the hazy/snowy/smoky background.
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Gloria a la Alianza!!! >w<
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Look like Dota my friend :D
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Awsome fanart! Love it.:)
Can we use this to make wallpapers and such for friends and posting it on sites, obviously mentioning that the orignal work was yours.
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Sure,go ahead~Thx for loving it!
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Amazing work! Love the hunter and her pet the best, but I am a little biased. XD
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This has been featured in journal [link] :heart:
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very nice work! i especially like the worgen! :)
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