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Tom Riddle - to Marika

Veeery late birthday gift for ;_;~ Sorry :hug:

I really enjoy drawing guys (especially fanart~) thanks for looking!

Used oc4 and ps7...
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I love your style! Beautiful!
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Great facial structure, especially that delectable cheekbone and jawline! ;)
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Great style and drawing.
This awesome! I particularly like the textured shading on his cheeks, to be obsessively specific.
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This is how I picture Tom. Amazing!
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Very nice likeness. Sometimes I think Tom Riddle was a more interesting character than Lord Voldemort...
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This is great. I think this is one of the few times I've seen someone attempt to draw young Tom. You've made a fan out of me.
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I just love that subtle dark other half of his face. Like a glimpse of his inner evil. Great job! :D
Very good. I can see so much in this. Thank you for showing a different side of Tom.
I'll come up with a one shot for this asap.
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He's so awesomeh! <3
nice pictre there shpould be more
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one of the my favourite tom riddle pics eveeer
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I've thought it was a picture of Christian Coulson.
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This is..awesoem....OMFG *//*..could I ask wich programm u use ?? ...Oc4..whats that? I only kno pts and ps ._.
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Thank you XD! It's open Canvas, I used that a lot now I'm more a photoshop person :3.
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ahhhhhhh thx ya so much... x333 I always wanted to draw like u did ..this effect u know ^^ ? OH my gosh!!! ty !!!! :hug: and ur art is ....soooooooooooo awesome O_O ur colouring omfg <3 its love :la:
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This is breath-taking! What a great job!
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Großartig gezeichnet. Das Bild hat viel Atmosphäre und wirkt so authentisch, obwohl es eigentlich ja nur ihn zeigt. Im Übrigen ist er ganz nach meiner Vorstellung von ihm gezeichnet. Daumen hoch! Das Bild ist einfach klasse.
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Breathtakingly beautiful!
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