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Howl's Moving Castle

I always wanted to make a Howl fanart, really really liked the movie. But this turned out quite unfinished, I dunno x_x ...

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this is awesome
CattyGothLoli's avatar
Stunning! Great job
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Beautiful!!! This is such a drawing and does IMMENSE justice to this scene!!!
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omg I love thisss <3
I am so in love with Howl. This is amazing. I love Hayao Miyazaki's vision of Howl and you portrayed him perfectly. :) When I reread the book, this is the only Howl I see now. :D
sanguis-est-ubique's avatar
oh my God I love Howl. he is sexy! this is soooo great,love it!!!!
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This is just breathtaking...........
OMG it's Howl!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh my GOD, he is GORGEOUS.~ X)
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Actually, I really, really like this one. I love how your eye is automatically drawn to Howl, and how he seems even more colorful against the (really very, very lovely) sky. And then you start picking up on all the wonderful little details, and it just gets better and better. <3
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Oh my God, this is a picture I saw on dA years ago and I felt in love with it O.O Can't believe I found it again... My eternal respects *bow* !
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i completely agree *bow* i shall watch you ^_^
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LOVE IT. my favorite look of Howl's
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I love the movie, book, and NOW I LOVE THIS!!! :) <3
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Good comosition :D
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i can not tell you how much in love with this I am O__O
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What is it about this character that makes me want to watch this movie over and over again?
Very nice job btw <3
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