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Taro is now an action figure by Atey Taro is now an action figure :iconatey:Atey 1 0 Thar casual - new design by Atey Thar casual - new design :iconatey:Atey 3 2 A visit from another world by Atey A visit from another world :iconatey:Atey 7 6 Th by Atey Th :iconatey:Atey 2 5 Pets irl by Atey Pets irl :iconatey:Atey 3 5 SGPA OCs - Body and height reference (females) by Atey SGPA OCs - Body and height reference (females) :iconatey:Atey 3 9
OC interview - Thar
1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
My name is Thar. The spirits that surround the temple where I was when I woke up gave me that name.
2. Cool! What's your current age?
In human years, I'd say it's more than a thousand years... but for some reason, it feels like more.
3. What's your favorite food?
I don't think I have a favorite. Food is something I need to be in a good shape and not much more... However, I've seen some people eating and they seem to enjoy their food a lot... I guess I should just take my time to enjoy a good meal one day. If only I was able to make one...
4. Favorite drink?
5. Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on?
On you, I guess. You're the only person in front of me right now.
(After expaining him what does that mean literaly)
Oh, I see... Well, there was somebody, but she has been dead for years... I don't have my eyes on anybody right now. Risha comes to mind, but she doesn't want me near her and she wants to kill me, so... the answer is no
:iconatey:Atey 1 0
OC interview - Qeurt
1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
The name's Qeurt... but ye can't call me that! Just call me Geschoss.
2. Cool! What's your current age?
3. What's your favorite food?
Pizza! Best shit ever >8D
4. Favorite drink?
When I'm eatin', I'll always pick beer. But if I just want to drink somethin' to relax, I'll always pick whysky with some ice.
5. Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on?
Oh, yah, that's for sure. I have my eyes on more than one babe >;D
6. Say, uh... Have you two kissed?
"You two"? Didn't I say there were more than one? Fuckin' idiot. And why do ye ask it like that? As if kissin'somebody was a big deal >:Y... I've lost the count of how many babes I've kissed, alright?
7. Who's your favorite author?
Do I look like a fuckin' bookworm to ya!? *flexes arms to show his biceps* I have way better shit to do than readin' fuckin' books! Sometimes I get my hands on magazines that show different guns, does that count? >_>... I have no fuckin' clue who writes that shit
:iconatey:Atey 1 3
OC interview - Yikah
Nobody tagged me, I just wanted to do this xD
1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Yikah... Only my friends call me that. The rest just knows me by my nickname: Culmus.
2. Cool! What's your current age?
According to human's time system, I'm around 17 years old.
3. What's your favorite food?
Sivintri. It's a liquid produced by a plant that grows in the world I come from. It's pretty popular among my people. But if it's only about human food... then I guess strawberries are pretty good. Watermelons aren't bad either..... Yes, I've only tried fruits -_-
4. Favorite drink?
Uh, I guess my favourite food is also my favourite drink...? The water from Earth is not bad either.
5. Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on?
NO >:/ ... What does that matter anyway? That's not something really important. I mean, some idiots say that those feelings can give you strength and all that, but I'd say it's a burden... and can make you feel bad some
:iconatey:Atey 1 5
How Yikah's antennas work by Atey How Yikah's antennas work :iconatey:Atey 2 3 Qeurt's mood board by Atey Qeurt's mood board :iconatey:Atey 2 3 Draw this again meme - Luzan x Thar by Atey Draw this again meme - Luzan x Thar :iconatey:Atey 2 3 My mood lately by Atey My mood lately :iconatey:Atey 1 6 Motivational Dai by Atey Motivational Dai :iconatey:Atey 7 9 Having fun with expressions by Atey Having fun with expressions :iconatey:Atey 5 3 Manipulation by Atey
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Manipulation :iconatey:Atey 4 10


BREAKING BAD by cent555 BREAKING BAD :iconcent555:cent555 199 8 Breaking Bad: Walter White by Bigboithomas84 Breaking Bad: Walter White :iconbigboithomas84:Bigboithomas84 1,225 128 Qeurt Meet Vera - Qeurt Threaten Vera by Syreneln Qeurt Meet Vera - Qeurt Threaten Vera :iconsyreneln:Syreneln 2 0 Secret Santa for Atey by LadyCinderWolf Secret Santa for Atey :iconladycinderwolf:LadyCinderWolf 2 2 Lackadaisy Phantasmagoria by tracyjb Lackadaisy Phantasmagoria :icontracyjb:tracyjb 3,775 210 SGPA Letter Collab UGAN by Meibatsu SGPA Letter Collab UGAN :iconmeibatsu:Meibatsu 7 2 SGPA: Willice - I in Princess by Japandaa SGPA: Willice - I in Princess :iconjapandaa:Japandaa 20 2 SGPA: Yumiko - N in Alliance by Japandaa SGPA: Yumiko - N in Alliance :iconjapandaa:Japandaa 19 2 Jorah for the SGPA Letter Collab by Syreneln Jorah for the SGPA Letter Collab :iconsyreneln:Syreneln 3 0 Letter E for SGPA Letter Collaboration by Syreneln Letter E for SGPA Letter Collaboration :iconsyreneln:Syreneln 6 0 Father's Day for Qeurt by Syreneln Father's Day for Qeurt :iconsyreneln:Syreneln 2 8 SGPA Chibi Collab by isi-a SGPA Chibi Collab :iconisi-a:isi-a 6 8 SGPA--rrrrrarin' to go by SAmaryllis SGPA--rrrrrarin' to go :iconsamaryllis:SAmaryllis 5 11 Etheon Outfit Party by Syreneln Etheon Outfit Party :iconsyreneln:Syreneln 3 10 Qeurt Syren Chider by Syreneln Qeurt Syren Chider :iconsyreneln:Syreneln 3 5 Collaboration - Atey's Etheon with my Jez by Syreneln Collaboration - Atey's Etheon with my Jez :iconsyreneln:Syreneln 5 0


Computer colored (detailed), one character
Flat colored background or transparent.
Full body, non-colored, digitally inked
Single character.
Half body, digitally inked, two characters. (Doesn't include paper texture, but I can add it).
Pixel art
Fire emblem style mugshot or another style (price might vary depending on dimensions of the image)


:iconpinkuart: :icondrawkill: :iconhjmart: :iconsyreneln: :iconnephyla: :iconquarter-virus: :iconstressedjenny: :iconsamaryllis: :iconsami06: :iconsolholy: :icondoubleleaf: :iconmydearbasil: :iconlbranford: :icontracyjb: :iconmeibatsu: :iconclaymore--miria: :iconvyrhelle-vyrl: :iconphobs:



Taro is now an action figure
Hello, everybody :> ... haven't uploaded anything here for some time... I've been busy with my last year on Uni and life... (although right now is all about Uni and I'm so sick of it I just want to finish it aaaaaaaa)

Anyway, maybe some of you remember that I uploaded a couple of pictures of a beautiful doll that :iconsolholy: sent me on my birthday on 2014 ( Well, I've taken good care of it, as you can see on these pictures I took a while ago to show you the box I made for the little guy C:

I've been working on it for days... I took my time on it, though, 'cause I want it to last a long time. The purpose of this box is mainly to keep the doll safe from dust. I don't want it to get gradually dirty and ruin it by washing it, that would break my heart ;_;. Although I put more effort than I usually do to make this, the only thing that really looks good is the drawing I made on the back and the doll inside the box xD... but nevermind, what matters is that it fulfill its purpose, haha... 

I'm not sure if it's finished, though. I might add something to hold the plushie because, believe it or not, in the picture is standing by itself... somehow xD I think I should add something to hold it because his legs are rather thin, and I don't want them to get damaged holding the doll's weight (it is pretty light, but still...).

And that's all!... See you... next time I upload something? -v- *goes back to be dead* (?)
Thar casual - new design
A few days ago, I drew something that will be posted on the Facebook page of the Fire Emblem Crossover Hack when it reaches 500 likes (only 5 more to go so far!) and among the characters I drew was Thar. Without thinking too much about it, I ended redesigning his civilian clothes (the old version can be seen here I think I've improved them quite a bit! xD
A visit from another world
I had some inspiration to draw last night and decided to finish this sketch today because if I don't it'll never be finished xd...

I wanted to draw Qeurt on the background watching TV or picking is nose (not caring, as always haha...) but then I got lazy.
Pets irl
I haven't draw anything lately, but I decided to draw this because I have a magnet lying around and I want to print and paste these drawings on it to put them on the refrigerator xD

These are pets that I know in real life... two of them are part of my family and the other two are my bf's, but I lived with them for many months, so I also appreciate them a lot.

Nibelungo: a very funny and large cat that was most of the time on the streets and was loved by many people... even a guy that wasn't even into animals liked him haha until he started to piss on his things hahah xD. He had a very particular tail... as far as I know, it was broken at some point and it ended curled like that permanently.... He died not long ago, so I decided to draw this for my bf, who loved him a lot. 

Canela: a lovable chubby goofball that was rescued from the street by my bf. She's also loved by many and is friendly with humans, dogs and cats alike xD. She's really shy -especially with the people she doesn't know- and very funny... she makes me laugh very easily xD...

Teobert: an old jerk that has been with my family since he was a puppy. He thinks he's the boss, but no one takes him seriously xD... Luckily, he is less of a jerk compared to how he was when he was young. Me and my sister have taught him many tricks, but since he's old, we don't make him do them as often as before.

Pepa: My lovable fluffy baby that has teeth like Taro's <3. A very cute, friendly and playful girl. Somebody rescued her from her past caretaker, who abandoned her... probably because she destroyed many things, which is something that a lot of puppies do. Then my family adopted her and she has been with us for a couple of years now.

ADOPT animals from the street, people.
Hiiii, huh.... well, I've been out of ideas to draw for so long... that's why I haven't posted anything here :l ...

Well, since collabs don't require too much effort because half of the work is already done, then I thought to do one. I don't intend to be mean, but I never find a base that I like on this page xD... (I haven't found any that I really like tbh, but... oh well).
So, the collab will be this image  Base by Atey ((c) to the author), can be a male or female character, and only one character per user for now (although I know this page is rather inactive, so... if somebody is interesting on drawing more than one character, let me know). For :iconsgpa: members only.

* Yellow - :iconsyreneln:
* Green - :iconmichiyo1234:
* Purple - :iconjapandaa:
* Pink - :iconjapandaa:
* Gray - :iconmeibatsu: 
* Orange - :iconmeibatsu:
* Blue - :iconimpulse-comics:

(*)= reserved in case no one that hasn't already reserved a slot claims it.


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