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The creative impulse of an artist, often comes from different sources, mine comes simply from the center of my life "My Son," my ideas and everything I do are dedicated to him, Elliot Santana, who as I continue living and pursuing my goals he is still small but extremely powerful in my life. He makes me better every day.

Someday, when he is grown and I have ambled on to the Fields Beyond, I hope he will be warmed by the memory of what I have accomplished due to how fiercely I loved him.

Bio of Abel “Abe” Toledo...
Creator bio: "Abe" is an illustrator and concept artist. Though he was born in Brooklyn, New York, his creativity was greatly influenced by growing up in Guayaquil, Ecuador and being introduced to the Japanese art forms known as Anime and Manga. He credits this amazing artistic exposure to the development of his style.
Abe began testing his skills in the Comic industry by submitting his portfolio to major comic companies in the United States, but was rejected by every editor because of his unusual Anime style. His big break came in July 1991 when an overseas comic company offered him the illustrative duties on a comic series. Though he enjoyed his work, he was not fully satisfied or fulfilled professionally. Thanks to Mr. Dennis O'neil, Abe saw the light in his life and his carrear took a different path, to the licensing and animation industry, after several months of doing research Abe finally met Larry Quarterraro and Mr.Quarterraro show Abe everything he knows about the animation industry. Little did he know then, but his path would lead him to a future completely outside the realm of comic-books and into an industry who’s legends include the iconic Walt Disney. It was the collaboration with a fellow New Yorker that would consume his imagination for the next decade as a fantasy epic slowly sprang to life. His desire for fulfillment and satisfaction having grown by leaps and bounds during this time, in no small part due to the birth of his son Elliot. Now several years later, Abe's almost at the stage of having his idea be produce into a Cartoon Animated Series by one of the majors TV Networks in the business.

        My team and I are looking to have this Kid's Property represented by one of the biggest name in the Licensing Market today and do to legal matters I'm not in the liverty to say who they are until the end of this year, now A. TOLEDO Entertainment,. Inc. A company I created over seven years ago has become a licensor and soon it will be a house hold name...
NO character or story is written without help, and a few creators need as much help as I do, we go with the parade of gratitude!

I want to take this opportunity to thank , as always, to my friend, love and critic, M.V who in the short time we have spend together has show me what real love feels like, she has takin me to the light behind the clouds and has supported me tremendous, to my mentor Larry Quartarraro who taught me patience, and to whom I consider a friend for showing me the path I needed to take in my carrear to be succesful Mr. Dennis O'neil.

Thank's also to my talented partner in crime... J.D.Sage, my friend and co-creator of this Epic Story, who keeps me close to sane as I ever likely to get, in part by immense support and for being there in those long nights, night's of working together to meet deadlines in this business.

I also wanted to thank the ideas and animations who have inspire me with their success and talent; Dragon Ball Z, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Thundercats, He Man only to mention a few.

Once again don't forget to be part of the Legendary war that will take the world as we know it to a new beginning...
This War will take place in a world behond anything you have seen before, come, see and be at


                                          Cordially yours;

If you would like to send any fan art, you can do it at:

A. TOLEDO Entertainment,. Inc.
P O BOX 7330
North Bergen, NJ, 07047
Ninjustupower Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
This sounds cool :D so basically, are you trying to make a show?
Atew Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2007
It is time...!
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July 1, 2007