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FULL-VIEW PLEASE!!! The thumbnail doesn't do this any justice.

Based off the song of the same name by one of my favorite artists, Sarah Fimm. You can download the song from her website---> [link] Her whole Nexus album makes me very happy, so don't be surprised if there is more song-based art in the future. ^^

Not much to say about the pic itself, except the hair was evil and I enjoy painting nebulea. The wings were also an interesting experience. And that is the symbol of the planet Mercury, in case you didn't know. ^__~

"Mercury" by Sarah Fimm

I see visions of galaxies
Where you are is where I'll be someday.

And You puzzle me
Am I made of you?
Are you made of me?
Cause I'm so confused

How you gaze into me
With your vast display of constancy
You enchant me, Mercury.

I have found something in your eyes
That you have found in mine. Mercury
We don't have time.

Everyone has their day
But I pray
Our worlds collide
and form strength tonight

I see visions of galaxies
Where you are is where I'll be someday.
Just another piece of history
From far away.

Art (c) K. Olson
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Beautiful picture~ the nebula's wonderful, I had thought it was a real photo! I went and listened to the song, and it really is beautiful <3 I'm drawing somehting inspired by it right now, thanks so much for putting up that link! +fav ^_^
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beautiful... liked it...
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awsome drawing :D
nice gallery too ^^
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Yay, a fellow nebula painter! (I only painted one in one o' my oekakis so far)

This is a breath-taking piece, and am glad you have joined neondragonart's oekaki board!
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I saw this in today's Mod's choice at Elfwood and absolutely had to hop on over here to see the full-sized version. :D It's so beautiful! I love the gold/brown colors of the character against the blues and purples in the sky...very pretty. I love girl's the pose and expression...there's a sort of liberating mood to it. And the wings are just SO cool. :+fav:!
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beautiful! i love it :+fav: everything is so pretty!
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wow ... just wow ... the wings are amazing!
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Perfect... The wings are marvellous!
dbzjono20's avatar
This is awesome! :wow: Very pretty! :nod:
Sejuay's avatar
Ahh! You awesome bastard, this is so good. The weird hair and the way the wings look surreal... GRR.
PauPEACH's avatar
Gorgeous, nice work! I love the expression of the face, the symbol....the wings! Beautiful, definitely a :+fav:
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beutiful artwork to a beutiful song ;)
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I love the design you used for the wings! And all the work on the hair was worth it, it's wild and perfect.
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Fabulous work!! This is beautiful. It does the song great justic indeed. :)
Valyen-sky's avatar
It's beautiful!
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*murrr* I am lost for words.... I am just... in awe...
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That is amazing O.O so much detale with the stars
DracoSilverscar's avatar
Holy shit! *Dies!* I just can't help it! I have to fav this! The lighting is beautiful, the wings are well done, and you did an INCREDIBLE job with the physiology!
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amazing detail on the wings!
there' s a very beautiful circular movement that follows them to the nebula...
makes u feel like u r actually stargazing!
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very beautiful hun ^^ great colouring and star work. :glomp:
Great job. If you ever do anything for Jupiter, as that's what "star" is part of the Saggitarius sign, please let me know. I would love to see what you come up with.

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