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AVS Primer v1 75

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(GTW edition)
A HUGE update on the original AVS Primer. Sorry it took so long to update it here, it's been on [link] for months, I just haven't gotten around to uploading it here cos I wanted to NSIS it, but I never finished the installer. Hohum, made a .zip instead. Details inside the file...plz njoi kthx bai.
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file not found
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Direct link to the thread on the WA forums:
(attachment in the first post)

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mattfuryStudent Digital Artist
thank you!!, the 3D rotation stuff - dont know *i think i understand it*, otherwise r0x
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danjoe Digital Artist
slick stuff!.. that must be a lot of hardwork. :)
i took some good lessons from it. gj. thanks for sharing!
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Nice job.. really professional stuff & with detailed information. Doesn't help me to create new presets though, but hey, it's always good to know what different effects does !

+fav for awesome effort !
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New version :)
Im sure to check it out sometime, and when i do i will point out every sinful n00b here and let em chew on this :D

Thnx 473r0! j00 r0x0r! h4w h4w! =p
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Great Explanation!!! Thank u very MUCH!
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w00t. Already seen it, but maybe now some more people will - and then we can have some more decent AVSers out there. Yay.
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spiritofcatHobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh, I'll have a look at this, Should be helpful to me, and stop me irritating Jheriko with all my inane questions ;) (Wink)
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man you are a genius.

THX for shareing your knowlege. Respect
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Although this would teach me a whole lot of things and a way to make things the "right-way" im not going to download it :) (Smile) Because for me the fun part of avs is that i myself discover all the things in it :) (Smile) Self-learning i would say. It may be a stupid way, but it's my way and im so stuborn that i won't change my ways =D (Big Grin)
Still good work! I have downloaded it before at winamp forums and i know you put a lot of effort into it so i respect you!
Cheers! Thumbs Up
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evilriceHobbyist Photographer
Wow, lots of work no doubt! Impressive indeed if only for that reason, but also there are great tidbits in here! Well Done!
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this one goes to favourites!!!! it's fantastic help for beginners or 'intermediates:) (Smile) ' I just like it and you have my RESPECT!! It was a lot of work, but I think, many people will appreciate it. keep on doing good work... THANX FOR IT...
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It was about a year in the making, mostly because in my first attempt I was still learning. I had it almost completed a while back, but I had to throw it all out because most of the stuff in it was wrong.
And of course, S_KuPeRs, you know most of it already, but this is designed for people who are starting out or who want to learn how to write good code :) (Smile)
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da16xHobbyist General Artist
- Oh Yay Thumbz Up Award 4 The Hard Work Thumbs Up
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Great if you start with AVS, it'll help you a lot. I knew most of it already, but it's always nice to know some new 3d rotation techniques and I now finally understand that irritating Colorfade. This must have taken a long time to write?
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da16xHobbyist General Artist
- +favlove

- It'z Great :) (Smile)
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da16xHobbyist General Artist
- Lookz AMAZING Comment Soon.....
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