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AZOCT - The Phoenix Reference

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note: all rounds begin and end with music.

Pink Orb 

Name: Most commonly goes by "Phoenix" or "the phoenix."
Age: A couple of weeks, maybe, in terms of memory span.
Gender: Not picky about it.
Species: Magical ink blot?
Height: Variable, usually between knee and waist height of an average human.
Weight: Variable. Easy to carry when small, but heavier when goopy.


Bullet; Black Bio: 

The phoenix has limited memory. They have no idea what they are. The world holds familiarity, and they've begun to dig up bits and pieces of memory, but nothing established enough to give them any true footholds. 

They remember poetry, vaguely, and they're pretty sure they have seen Ametsuchi before. They want to meet Ametsuchi in hopes that she may help them learn more. 

Bullet; Black Personality:

The phoenix is ever-curious, but their naivety is a dwindling trait. They are kindhearted and observant, and want to believe in the best of people. They recognize that they lack knowledge and can be easily confused, but they are not oblivious, and they try their best to understand everything. They are quick to learn facts and morals, and can quickly come to their own conclusions about how they work. 

They are knowledge hungry. When crossed by something they don't understand, they can become very persistent at trying to comprehend it. They are quick to apply new information to any situation.

They do not mind what nicknames you give them as long as they aren't blatantly offensive. 


Bullet; Pink Abilities:

The phoenix, usually, has little in the ways of offense. They can scratch and bite at an opponent. They have limited shapeshifting; they can change their size a little, and toggle between having thumbs or wings.

They do have a unique defense: they can destroy most materials and any magic by opening their mouth to disintegrate and consume it... and, if magical/energy-based, store the energy for a while. 

They can cling to and crawl on almost any surface with ease. They can fly without flapping their wings (but often do anyways). They spread their wings to glide or hang in the air. They can hold objects inside their body as long as the total mass doesn't exceed the size of their body. This is where they keep their star.

The phoenix's body is pretty unusual--it has no actual bone structure. They are unaffected by cold. The phoenix doesn't need to eat, sleep, or breathe, but may do so anyways. When injured, they lose solidity. The more injured they are, the more goopy they become. The more goopy it becomes, the slower it gets, besides moving in quick spurts. They will eventually regenerate when given enough time to rest.

(They may become a little goopy if under a lot of emotional stress, usually around the mouth.)

Their body is very volatile when coming in contact with fire. If ignited they will burn for a long time, and if the fire is hot enough, the phoenix's body can be subject to explosions. 


Rarely, the phoenix can magnify their size dramatically, breathing dark fires and summoning shadowy tendrils to attack or apprehend a foe. When at a large size, they can still fly, but they lose speed and agility. Using these powers causes the phoenix to lose grasp on their physical form, causing their body to slowly melt to the same effect as being injured. 

A "kick" is needed for the phoenix to go into this form with minimal repercussions. By "eating" a great amount of magic beforehand, they can grow large for a while without compromising their structure. If they stay in this form too long or overexert themself, they will still self-damage. If they force the form without enough magic or with prior damage, their solidity will start out already compromised. 

The phoenix doesn't know about this yet, but have realized they can eat what most people can't (if gobbling down a bunch of metal and wires was any indication).

Bullet; Green Many mobility options when small. Flight, climbing
Bullet; Green Immune to (non-magical) cold
Bullet; Green Good learning and comprehension skills
Bullet; Green Can destroy most things through its mouth
Bullet; Green Great power potential
Bullet; Yellow Internal storage
Bullet; Yellow Convenient shapeshifting of claws/wings
Bullet; Yellow Limited information and understanding of its environment, though improving
Bullet; Yellow Being large hurts mobility
Bullet; Yellow Is more vulnerable to puncture-based attacks than bludgeoning
Bullet; Red Weak to fire
Bullet; Red No easy-access attacks outside of scratching and biting
Bullet; Red Becomes less solid and more sluggish the more it is injured
Bullet; Red Using magnification abilities causes progressive self-injury

Likes: The sun and poetry. Philosophy. Flowers. Warmth, conversation, trying new food, and bird feathers. Spiders, despite everything.
Dislikes: Unresponsiveness and unnecessary violence. Not being able to understand things! 

Other: Their star is pink, four-pointed, and resembles a manufactured gem. The marking is on their chest. It becomes present when the star is being talked about, freshly tucked away in the phoenix's body, or otherwise doing something important.

This reference and its info are subject to change over the course of the tourney. The phoenix is due for a lot of development!

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Pink Orb 


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