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This is incredibly fantastic. I found you through Pinterest. I didn't upload it but I found it to which you are credited and sourced. This is gorgeous and terrifying.

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Yeah that’s DA’s Pinterest account

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When you decide to go on a midnight stroll, disregarding the advice of staying home ...
grisador's avatar
Amazing artwork :o 
baltodog19's avatar
hey babe we need to snuggle i am talking about you in the picture
lurk3000's avatar
This looks just like the reported Dog man sightings through out the country.  Google Linda Godfrey. She's written numerous books about this creature.  Excellent art. Very chilling. 
COLT731's avatar
I'm actually disturbed that people are not realizing the threat levels a creature such as a dogman would create.
FirefoxFlares's avatar
Lol, I'm not photogenic so this totally looks like me in pictures whenever i smile! XDD
Spirit-The-Dragon's avatar
This is amazing! Congrats on being so talented. ^*^ This style makes it look like its from a game, but I believe it's not. Great work again!
AlexAlexandrov's avatar
thats fkin awesome ! 
KiwiPheonix's avatar
i am now in love with your artwork and style. 
Fireshrike's avatar
Stunning work!  What impresses me the most is how truly creepy this is, due to the lighting.  It looks and feels like one of those creepy night-time trail camera shots, which makes it seem all the more real and thus effective.
kyrtuck's avatar
Powerwolf songs activate!  :evileyes:
LaJolly's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to share this with my werewolf themed Tumblr blog, do you have a direct link where I can reblog from? I couldn't find this piece after scrolling through your blog a bit. Have a great day!
knownfunnyman's avatar
This legit looks like a photo.
DominicTheRaccoon's avatar
I don't usually look at werewolf art, but this is just so eye catching! His fur is detailed, his eyes look fairly realistic, and it looks menacing! Rarely do I see werewolf art that's true to the old folklore.
Nikkisartlife's avatar
this looks amazing
Kelshray's avatar
Вах красота! И снег такой настоящий!
Gauntletto's avatar
I love the lightning.
Miakhano's avatar
Первая картинка со скалящимся волком, что смогла оказать на меня впечатление. Раньше почему-то этот образ не задевал вне зависимости от уровня рисовальщика.
AngryGnewt's avatar
Phenomenal! The precision in anatomy, the rendering, and the setting alone. Great job.
Howlitzer's avatar
I LOVE the hands and torso on this one...excellent mix of anatomy while keeping it looking plausible.
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