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Death of Fafnir

By Atenebris
for :iconartdays:
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This has to be one of my favorite interpretations of the dragon Fafnir almost solely due to the emphasis of serpentine features that have mostly been traded for feline in more modern dragon designs.

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awesome :la:
i don't know much about fafnir but i would love to learn more about him
i know he WAS a human who became a dragon through greed, that is all i know
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He was a dwarf  actual 

In Norse mythology, Fáfnir or Frænir is a son of the dwarf king Hreidmar and brother of Regin, Ótr, Lyngheiðr and Lofnheiðr. After being affected by the curse of Andvari's ring and gold, Fafnir became a dragon and was slain by Sigurd.
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yeah been looking more into things since that last comment :D

interesting, thought the dragon thing was just what happens to anyone if greedy enough in those myths
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Poor Fafs. But Sigurd is close to being able to speak the language of the birds now. ;) (Wink)

Beautiful illustration.
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Amazing! But I'm guessing that basilisk is gonna fall on him when he dies and THAT is gonna hurt lol.
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that guy's fuckin dead
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Fafnir: "Why are you stabbing me?"

Sigurd: "You didn't give me dat gas money!"

Fafnir: "But we're in forest!

Sigurd: "You're not!"

Fafnir: "Bro!"
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Ah, Fafnir is one of my favorite dragons in mythology.
Love your take on Fafnir and Sigurd. Nice job!  
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Nice perspective!
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XDDDD rip fafnir

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Какая прелесть, детализация и анатомия радуют взгляд!
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smh when people don't know about the story of Fafnir and Sigurd.
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aw man, havn't seen that story reference in a while!
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nice work. But poor Fafnir
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It looks great but I think Siegfried's hair is too short. Free men had long hair then.
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AAAAA! I love this story so much <3 My mom read a lot of these to me when I was little. Fafnir looks so cool here! I love how you added some snakey features to her face.
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Poor beast.... don't these people have better stuff to do?
I'd fave it, but it's just too sad.
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Dragons in fantasy are always good and evil, that doesnt mean he hatred dragons, it's just like that it's all, dragons represent every single feelings of humans and can understand emotions, but they can be evils, greedy, and barbaric. Not all are good and no all are evils, I loved dragons too. But a dragons still cool even when he was slayed.
lapis-lazuri's avatar
Pfffff. Nonsense. Leave us alone please. It's humans that are greedy and barbaric. Stop ascribing your own traits to completely different and independent species, be them dragons or another. And no, this is not an argument so don't even try it.
ErmacMKratos's avatar
Leave us alone? You mean leave me alone? I used to be watching your art bro, so dont be aggressive with me, ok? We can talking as civil person. In fact in certain of legends they are greedy and barbaric, like in this draw, like I said I love dragon, just see my profil. But that doesnt mean, they are all goods, they are potrayed to be both. I know humans are greedy, and barbaric too, just see how the poachers exterminate the Thylacine/Tasmanian Tiger. Dragons are revered, respected and feared as they inspire fear, but not ugly, they are elegant, graceful, majestic and sometimes represents the symbol of royalty and nobility as in the Arthurian legends, it was one of the few times and kingdoms of medieval Europe thought they were kinder and more bound by that God made Satan, they were described as wise, generous, sweet and with a great knowledge whatsoever in literrature, magic or even the world in general, the movie Dragonheart evidenced and well represents the Arthurian legends of dragons, they were described as physically quite similar to Roman dragons, which also symbolizes more good or more a symbol of honor and bravery. And Asian legends they are also representative of the forces of good. And also in the Babylonian legends, for example with the god Marduk dragon who killed the snake with many heads, Tiamat primordial water goddess

You say "nonsense" to discredit my opinion, under the pretext that you disagree with, it's pretty annoying because I was never aggressive towards you, you hurt me personnaly by saying that my argument was made by my self description, I was never rude and never I am a barbarian, arrogant and greedy. You say "no is not an argument" with proven otherwise the mine and at least objective and not based on my feelings about the subject but also knowledge. You have to respect the opinion itself, not what you want to hear.

I love animals more than human beings, my argument whether you like it or not you need to follow, otherwise it means that you have a sacred sense of obstinacy and therefore it is impossible to argue with you or even to communicate, however I would have to accept the apology, unless you want to continue to troll me with carricatural argument.

I am a big fan of fantasy, and you can not imagine the number of book about fantasy and dragons exist, literature is the genre that best represents the fantasy "Temeraire, Wings of Fire, Inheritance, City of Elders, A Song of Ice and Fire, the Hobbit, DragonsRiders of Pern ...) but for me it is in Dungeons and Dragons they are best represented because they represent good and evil, with the chromatic dragons pernosification them are evil, they are Machiavellian, cruel, oppressive, tyrannical, evil, Barbaric, désaggréable, arrogant, selfish and manipulative. the metallic dragons help them in their humanity conflicts between them or even conflicts between with dragons, they represent wisdom, respect, humility, pride, nobility, knowledge and courage, and finally the crystalline dragons that they are both, they are the balance between good and evil. in fact dragons represent what the human in him to be it good or bad.

lapis-lazuri's avatar
Watching me makes you in no way more special in terms to give you the right to insult me. I don't care the slightest about your legends and opinions.
tldr btw. I have no patience for nonsense today. Especially when you bring some obnoxious religions into that. So don't make me block you.
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