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Cuttlefish Bio Card

Hello everyone! This is Evelyn Rivers aka Cuttlefish, my X-men OC. In color :D!

In case you are wondering why she is called 'Cuttlefish'...look here. Also, an interesting fact

If you want to see what her camouflage would look like [link]

This is for :iconevo-obsessed-club:'s OC tournament. We were required to have a comic/bio card so this is the second part :D.

Hope you all enjoy her. Sorry there isn't shading or anything, but there isn't much time left in this contest, and I am pretty sure I wouldn't finish if I had shaded it.

Edit: And a note I didn't really elaborate on in the bio. I said her camouflage skills are flawed, and there is a reason for it. Cuttlefish are color Blind, therefore, when CuttleFish gets the same eyes yes, she also turns color blind. Against high contrast background, she camouflages perfectly, but when the backgrounds are similar...:giggle:

Also! When she is older, Cuttlefish can change the texture of her skin as well :nod:

X-men (c) Someone...I should really find out who...
Cuttlefish and her design (c) Mine
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I would do this BUT my ocs are not in the X-men team there in a team reffered to as trusted dagger a team of heartless mutants with tragic pasts but extremely dangerous powers and weopens
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this it so awesome!!!
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Wow, thank you so much!
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I'm going to make a small project. I want to make a big picture with many female OCs for X-Men, I will draw it, but I'll add OCs of many people. Can I add your OC, too? Of course it will be told that she belongs to you.
atemuzuko's avatar
Sure absolutely, I'm flattered you want to draw her :love:
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Excited about this next phase? I am~~ XDD
*laughs* I haven't had the pleasure of checking out much about Evelyn- (I've been real lazy -and I've been reading the hoodling comics more than the x-geeks ;D) Pff- anyway! This round is going to be crazy!
Ev seems like a great character!
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I'm soooooooo excited about this next phase :XD: It's going to be wicked! I'm glad that we are all paired together, this is intense.

Thank you, that is very sweet :). I'm sure Evelyn would love Dru if she were on the X-men side lol
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Aw I'm sure they could be friends- if it wasn't for such a voilent meeting XDD

I am currently (failing) to find some good Sentinel episodes!! ;_; Why isn't Day of Reckoning on youtube--- why?! *cries*
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oh it isn't? That is terrible! Did you look on the Marvel account on Youtube? That is where I've been watching Evo episodes lol
Cold-Creature's avatar
I did- *flails* ;_;
I think they only uploaded the first half of each season- or something- cause only the first 17 eps of Season 2 seem to be available... ;A;
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaw that is terrible! I was trying to watch it from the beginning, but I haven't had enough time to watch much. I just finished the first season lol. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to look up the images on google.
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yeah- I was just hoping to see what they could do- like I know they've got the power-weapons, claws (once XD)... but I'm trying to remember what else they could do... D;
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erm....I don't really remember either O-o;;; ut-ooooooh haha
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If only her skin pigment changes color, would her hair/clothing still stand out?
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um hm.......

o_o....that could be a problem...
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nice do u role play
atemuzuko's avatar
I do, but I haven't on and site or anything like that for a long time lol
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cool may i do a crossover rp with u
atemuzuko's avatar
um...sure? Can I get a link to your character :)?
atemuzuko's avatar
Neat ^^. I don't know anything about keybladers though, could you explain it to me?
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keybladers are like the x-men in a small way they defend the worlds from the invading heartless, nobodies, and unversed that threat the lives of somebodys everywhere however there are some keyblade users who do go bad and become evil but koji isnt that type of person he's a hero although he only searches worlds for treasure.
atemuzuko's avatar
Ok I've heard the terms 'heartless' and 'nobodies' with Kingdom Hearts (which is what this is based on correct?). But no one has explained it very well to me. What are they and what is the difference between them?
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