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Our Secret (Hetalia Omorashi)
Warning: Hetalia omorashi (pee desperation/ wetting), don't like don't read.
"Don't get too far ahead of me, Italy. I don't think anyone would believe me if you were kidnapped by Bigfoot." Germany said, as he followed the Italian down the trail.
"He's just a myth~!" Italy smiled. "It'd be more likely for a longana to get me where we're going."
"Longana?" Germany asked.
"Sí, it's like a faun. It is half-human, half-goat."
"Like that one Greek god, right? Pan?"
"Sí~!" Italy said. "Longanas live in coves or on cliffs in groups."
"And we're on our way to one of these cliffs, right?" Germany asked, unsure if the Italian had stopped paying attention to the trail. He had had the feeling since they stopped for a water break an hour or so ago.
"That's right!" Italy replied. "Maybe we'll see a mermaid resting down on the rocks, too." Italy seemed to excite himself with the idea.
"Mermaid sightings are rare, Italy." the German warned. "Don't get disappointed if you don't see any."
"I won't~!" Ita
:iconlacey-lacie-san:Lacey-Lacie-san 50 55
Germany's Secret Syndrome (Hetalia Omorashi)
   ***WARNING This is an omorashi story (Containing desperation and wetting). Please do not read if you find this disturbing.***
 Germany had never liked to think of himself as shy. Antisocial? Check. Too serious for small talk? Check. The strong and silent type? Double check! At first meeting, some might find him shy, but they just didn't truly know him. And if blushing madly when around girls, and having never been in a relationship constituted as shy,  he'd take it.
However, while Germany himself might not be shy, there was a part of him, whether he liked it or not, that was extremely shy. His bladder. It was so embarrassing! He had never known why he had such troubles when relieving himself, until his doctor finally suggested shy bladder syndrome could be his problem. It made sense. For as long as he could remember, Germany had never been able to urinate in public.
  Perhaps it was the fear of being seen, or embarrassment. All he'd known was that every time
:iconhetaliahandhearts:hetaliahandhearts 32 2
Snow Day (Hetalia Omorashi)
Warning: Hetalia Omorashi (pee desperation/ wetting); don't like don't read.
"Fin, Fin, wake up." Sweden said, as he shook the smaller nation. " 's snowing."
The smaller nation shot up, and ran to the window to find what his lover said was true.
"It's the first big snowfall of the season!" Finland exclaimed. "Oh, let's to out and play in it before its over!"
"After breakfast." Sweden said, as he wrapped his arms around Finland.
He kissed him on the cheek, and released him before he walked back into the kitchen to finish breakfast. Finland quickly changed from his pajamas into a pair of long johns followed by a pair of jeans, and a warm turtleneck.
He walked out into the kitchen and sat at the table just as Sweden brought their plates over and sat down himself. Finland devoured his breakfast quickly, not wanting to waste another minute of this beautiful snow day. He washed it down with a big glass of milk before rinsing his dishes and running to th
:iconlacey-lacie-san:Lacey-Lacie-san 33 17
Not-So-Sweet Desperation (Hetalia Omorashi)
Warning: Hetalia Omorashi (pee desperation/ wetting), don't like don't read.
I really don't want to be here. Hungary thought, as she sat down at the long table in the conference hall.
As of late, she had a terrible bladder infection that kept her home as long as she could manage.  But sadly, today was the world conference and she could not weasel out of her obligations as a nation.
Hungary sighed, as her bubbly boyfriend came bouncing in.
"Hello, Elizabeta!" Italy greeted her affectionately.
"Hi, Feliciano." she replied sweetly, yet solemnly.
"How is your infection?" he whispered in her ear.
"It's getting better, but I would still rather be home right now." she said.
"You'll be alright, bella. It's only two hours."
"I know, but I'm just not comfortable anywhere else."
"Sí, I know, but I'm right here if you need me." Italy said, as he pecked her on the lips and sat on the table.
She returned with another kiss, which was followed by one from Feliciano. He licked her l
:iconlacey-lacie-san:Lacey-Lacie-san 32 47
Elevator Trouble (Hetalia Omorashi)
Warning: Hetalia Omorashi (pee desperation/ wetting); don't like don't read.
“Matthew! Get up, man! Are you gonna sleep through the meeting?!” Alfred shouted, finally waking the sleeping Canadian.
“What time is it?” he grumbled as he sat up, immediately feeling the weight of his full bladder.
“It’s 8:50, dude! We have ten minutes to get downstairs for the meeting!” the American shouted, throwing him his clothes. “You’re harder to wake up than I am, and that’s saying something!”
“You’re the one that kept me up last night!” the Canadian quietly huffed, slowly standing up before he changed. “You just had to watch that scary movie, and then you just had to make me hold you, and then you just had to get it in-”
“Shut up! Are you ready yet?
:iconlacey-lacie-san:Lacey-Lacie-san 44 23
Finland, the Alarm Clock (Hetalia Omorashi)
The chains were tightly bound around his wrists, the rust clinging to them drawing blood. It was dark, and it was so cold, he could barely feel his own body anymore. His captor smirked at him. Then, he felt wet. And warm. What the hell?
Denmark jolted awake with a yelp. Another damn nightmare! But what had that feeling been? He sighed and rolled over, hoping to catch a few more hours of sleep before Finland came to wake him up. But as he shifted, he felt wet. Again. And this time, he wasn't dreaming. Mumbling incoherently, he reached his hand down to feel what was there, and instantly froze. His eyes snapped open, and his face went ghostly pale.
How could this have happened? Had he really wet the bed? Tears brimmed at his eyes as he quickly turned to his clock, checking the time. Shit! It was almost seven thirty! Finland would be here to wake him up any damn minute! What the hell was he supposed to do?!
:iconpsudo2847:psudo2847 19 3
Flooding (Hetalia Omorashi)
Time for some omorashi :D I love the idea of Hetalia characters losing control at meetings, so here goes my little fanfic! (This is my first story ^^")
The clock was so damn slow. Why did it have to be so painfully slow? The meeting still had 6 hours left, and the break wasn't gonna come for another 4 hours. And his country just HAD to have a flood. Damn, Poland could feel his bladder filling quickly, ready to burst at any time. He tried to look bored, tracing circles on the desk with his finger, his head leaning on his hand, but it's not how he felt. He felt desperate, desperate to find some sort of relief. His legs were pressed together tightly, and he was fidgeting in his seat. Nobody seemed to notice, however. Nobody but Lithuania.
"H-Hey, Poland...are you ok?" he whispered to his blond companion. To anybody else, he would have looked perfectly normal, but Lithuania k
:iconpsudo2847:psudo2847 19 3
Tied Part 1 (Hetalia Omorashi)
The idea for this story IS NOT MINE. I read a story like this somewhere else, and it was really, really short. I wanted more, so I wrote more.
Germany was being unfair, in Italy's mind. Italy hadn't meant to break three lights and a window, he had just slipped! But no, Germany didn't trust him. So, while Germany went out to get supplies to fix what Italy had broken, Italy sat in the kitchen, tied to a chair.
At first, it had been fine. He sung a few songs, talked to himself about Germany, and thought up new pasta recipies. But now, there was a problem. He had to go to the bathroom. Badly. Very, very badly. He was squirming wildly, trying to get his hands free somehow, but it all seemed pointless, he wasn't getting anywhere. He inhaled sharply, pressing his legs together tightly as a small ammount of urine leaked out.
He was able to end the flow, but it was amazingly painful. He wimpered, his abdom
:iconpsudo2847:psudo2847 20 7
Sugar and Slick Stockings (Hetalia Omorashi)
Warning! This story contains Hetalia Omorashi (basically pee desperation/ wetting). If that isn't your thing, I wouldn't read this.
     Liechtenstein awoke to the sun shining brightly through the thin white curtains of her guest room at Switzerland's house. Yesterday was the world conference and, as was their tradition, Liechtenstein stayed at Switzerland's before he walked her home the next afternoon.
     She rose out of bed and prepared herself for the day. It was midsummer so she put on her pink, short sleeved dress, thin white stockings, and a pair of bloomers. After she was properly dressed she put on her Mary-Jane's, when a knock came at the door.
     "Liechtenstein, are you awake?" Switzerland spoke.
     "Yes, big brother."  She stated.
     "Good.  I figured we could go out for breakfast before I walk you home. Does that sound alri
:iconlacey-lacie-san:Lacey-Lacie-san 40 57
Plant dads by Gem1ny Plant dads :icongem1ny:Gem1ny 107 2 scribble dump kaits by KaiserMeowser scribble dump kaits :iconkaisermeowser:KaiserMeowser 12 0 Sally Face- Megan by MissWiggleButt Sally Face- Megan :iconmisswigglebutt:MissWiggleButt 99 2 Desperation omorashi by eroticheskiy-vampyr
Mature content
Desperation omorashi :iconeroticheskiy-vampyr:eroticheskiy-vampyr 17 3
Request: Troublesome by Fuure Request: Troublesome :iconfuure:Fuure 361 89 Yuhi-tan at the doc (8/8) by Shadee2D
Mature content
Yuhi-tan at the doc (8/8) :iconshadee2d:Shadee2D 273 7
Ashley Diapered (Commission) by Kawaiiomo Ashley Diapered (Commission) :iconkawaiiomo:Kawaiiomo 311 25
- Stamp: Jasper. - by ChicaTH :thumb545849642:



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hate art

ask me first -
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