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Roxane, the fallen angel by Atelierdereve Roxane, the fallen angel by Atelierdereve
Hello, meet Roxane, the OC of my fanfiction "Bras de fer, gant de velours" ! She works as waitress and dancer in a cabaret called The Angel's Chest. Not the works of her dreams, but she knows she's lucky to be here...

I made it quicky so there is some mistakes, and those boobs are supposed to be much bigger ! XD but I like her face, so it's okay for this time. ;)
Colored Pens and pencils on A4


Je vous présente Roxane, un personnage original apparaissant dans ma fanfiction Bras de fer, gant de velours. Elle travaille comme serveuse et danseuse au Angel's Chest, un cabaret réputé. Ce n'est pas le travail de ses rêves, mais elle sait à quel point elle est chanceuse de travailler ici...

Je l'ai fait très vite du coup il y a des erreurs, notamment ses seins qui sont sensés être bien plus gros ! XD mais j'aime bien sa tête, alors ça me va pour cette fois ;) 
Feutres de couleurs et crayons de couleur sur format A4

Pour les francophones la fanfiction est ici : 
sur :…
sur AO3 (avec les illus intégrées directement dans l'histoire) :…
FeatherSan Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
She looks adorable, and yes, funnily enough, big boobs are somewhat difficult to draw until you get the idea of how they work (well, real boobs, of course, inflated ones you find all the time here in dA)

Experiencing with colored art-line, are you?
Atelierdereve Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016   Traditional Artist
I'm happy to read you find her adorable, it was exactly the point :) 

Some friends of mine have really big boobs, so I thought I would know how to draw them proprely, as I have exemples in mind. But in fact... well, I didn't manage, probably because I didn't kept this in mind while I inked the drawing. Next time, maybe !

And yes, I'm experimenting new styles lately, sometimes because I want to try different stuff and improve, In other moments, just because I'ts urgent to make a drawing so I catch the first stuff on my desk to draw XD.
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October 24, 2016
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