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2017 Summary of art by Atelierdereve 2017 Summary of art by Atelierdereve
2017 is close of the end... I made this meme last year and thought I could do it again and see some improvement.

So, what happened this year ? Many things, lots of work, as I realise now. 

First, I made no less than 20 Illustration for my fanfictions (some really big pieces, like july, august and october pieces) I also made some commission, started to draw furry (and liked it ! :P ) Currenlty I'm working on a avent calender, so, 24 drawings added to the pile... I lost count in the way. 

On comics side, I finished my doujin "Sweet suicide" this year (56 pages for the last chapter, made the last 12 pages of "les Jeunes Naufragés" unfinished since 2015, colored and posted "Oser Jouer", and made a short colored comics of 12 page for a fanzine about Yuri on Ice. Plus some other fanarts. I'm currenty on the last pages of "Pour un sourire" a 24 pages comics in color, starting during the 24hBD. So... I'm around 100 pages for this year ! XD.

I discovered again colored ink and use them a lot, fell in love with the old style penholder, and worked a lot more architecture and backgrounds.

I also wrote about 130 k during the Nanowrimo and camps, working on my fanfiction "Bras de fer, gant de velours" and... made a wedding dress for a gorgeous friend of mine ! I feel like I improved a lot this year, and I actually worked more than I thought. That's cool ! :) 

But it was exhasting, so, next year, I plan to keep more time for myself and those I love. I'll try to slow down to improve the construction of my drawings (perspective, anatomy). Same for comics, I want to make with my next projet, "Fleur des champs et serpent à plumes" a rich, deep story, with dense pages and realistic and detailled drawings. I can't have this if I'm always rushing. So, it's time to take a deep breath give myself time and try to get closer of perfection. 

(Yes I want to catch the stars ! XD)

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December 14, 2017
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