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Who is your favorite GGG Character?

  |  10 votes
  • Radar
  • Bovary
  • Lucy
  • Dita
  • Merot
  • Raptor
  • Plink
  • Revin

Free Zone Change Vote: Interactive Kamishibai 2

  |  6 votes
  • She Who Wears the Ruby Pendant: Siva by Jason Austin Martinson
  • WAR of the WIZARDS by Ark
  • Hide and Seek by ElaineMC
  • Bittersweet Romance by ChibiAlex-chan
  • Pastel Defender Heliotrope by Jennifer Diane Reitz
  • Demon Hunter Geist: Cavern of Shadows by Cooper

Free Zone Change Vote: Drama Kamishibai Pt.2

  |  5 votes
  • Divinities by Redd
  • Dracula by Toni
  • Kurenai by Gretchen Graham
  • Lost by Immortal Pain
  • Ballade Eins by Omega
  • Epitaph by Arima
  • A 1/6th World: The Christmas Angel by Onlyima
  • XXXXX Online EX: Close to You by Red Succubus

Free Zone Change Vote: Drama Kamishibai Pt.1

  |  7 votes
  • [Fragile] by DeCayK
  • Mecha Club by WarpZone
  • Dark Green by Cherry-Chan
  • The Highwayman by Megomobile
  • Fallen Petals by Hoshi
  • Kamikaze Saint: Kochou by Arima
  • La Blanche by Red Succubus
  • Amy's Kitchen: Guy's Story by Onlyima
  • Shonen Story by Jaysen
  • In The Battle Of Good And Evil by Lost

Free Zone Change Vote: Magical Girl Kamishibai Pt.2

  |  5 votes
  • Dark Green by Cherry-chan
  • Sailor Moon: A Sailor's Nightmare by Toni
  • Time and Space by Kusukusu
  • Hikawa Hijnks! by Rebecca "Ribby" Rudeen
  • Epic Fail Loli by Meg "Meg-chan" Graham
  • Sparkle Star by Chibi Alex-chan