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Kami- Artificial Eden 4



:iconrobinton17: Presents "Artificial Eden: Episode 4"

Description: Rescued just in time, Ana and Bale are brought to an Asteroid Belt mining colony, led by former resistance member Nash. While Ana plans her next attack Bale is reminded of the realities of reintegration

1st Episode: [link]
2nd Episode: [link]
3rd Episode: [link]
5th Episode: [link]
6th Episode: [link]
7th Episode: [link]

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I laughed out loud when Alex started taunting Bale after he "almost" got the encryption three times. :lmao: FAIL

What's a little interesting to me is that I don't immediately sympathize with Ana. Everyone is used to the extroverted "kick-ass-take-names" type of girl who spouts clever one-liners—Ana is not so readable nor disarming nor guaranteed-of-victory as that, which makes her refreshing and her story a little less predictable.