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Kami - Artificial Eden 3



:iconrobinton17: Presents "Artificial Eden Episode 3"

Description: Bale receives a new assignment from high in the Founder government, an assignment which forces him to return to a life he thought was behind him. Meanwhile Ana's ship, adrift in space, comes under attack by a mysterious third party.

1st Episode: [link]
2nd Episode: [link]
4th Episode: [link]
5th Episode: [link]
6th Episode: [link]
7th Episode: [link]

In order to view Download the kamishibai from this page and use with the Kamishibai Player which can be found here: [link]

Need help watching a kami? This tutorial will help you: [link]
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I read this instead of blow drying my hair...or sleeping.

I'm so awful but I had to ^_^;

This episode was pretty good. Finally getting to know more about Bale is something I think that the audience has really been wanting (and me of course by proxy). I had so much fun with the coffee mug animation (I replayed it like a million times. Alas the coffee never spilt)

And Rowe is such a snot. But I think the story is only that much better because he's there.

Also that little scene with the tying up and the smile and the "You've done this before.." ?

Kinky kinky kinky.

I'm sorry but your "Good Girl" Status is here by REVOKED for that one . ^.^