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Kami - Artificial Eden 1



The first episode of Artificial Eden. Art and Story by ~Robinton17

Description: This is an introduction to the characters and general storyline. It is set in the future in the aftermath of a war. The story centers around Ana, an insurgent bent on destroying the new Utopia.

2nd Episode: [link]
3rd Episode: [link]
4th Episode: [link]
5th Episode: [link]
6th Episode: [link]
7th Episode: [link]

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Need help watching a kami? This tutorial will help you: [link]
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Wow wow wow that was good.

I can't say I liked the story more than your "Legend of Aledarte" series because there aren't any comparison points between the two. I mean I was LOOKING really changed the mood or tone or SOMETHING with this episode. The only similarity is the chapter dividers.

It took me a second or three to recognize those for what they were lol. I was like..."What are these schematics?!" and then it hit me and I found that I liked what you did ^_^

And Ana is definately a good heroine. She reminded me of so many other kick-butt heroines without coming off as some bargain clone. That's just me of course.

Still good work. To everyone else: Download the story and READ it! ^.^