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Here you can see my own art o0o


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Here you can see what I like uou


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hi guys

lately I've been catching up with some people on discord and it has been great c:

feel free to add me or invite me to any kind of group or something, I'd love to hang out



hidden for convenience reasons
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Here be my deviant family, this is a WIP x3

:iconlovesnivy: is my little brother ^o^
Although we barely know eachother yet, he surely is an interresting guy uou somehow I have this feeling that we are at the beginning of a huuuuuuge friendship, yay :D
it's pretty neat that we share some interest like for cute thingies and stoof ouo

:icondracedragon: is my banana smuggler o~o
The guya is at my school o^o I saw that he had a tablet so I was like hmmmm hey do you have deviantart? ouo well. .. he did x3 how fancy is that ouo
every now and then I get bored at school and try to sell random thungs, like paper snd stuff .o. he is being a good customer x33

:icontwisting-alley-way: is my princess wife ouo
This lovely girl always manages to put a smile on my face ouo every now and then we talk like a lot about simply everything, I really love it ouo yushh you are really dear to me ^-^ it will probably stay like that o3o
secretly I would really love to meet her ouo I'd swim over the channel and bake the most fabulous dutch dishes for her uou hoping she'd teach me the fabuloisness of the english kitchen ^u^ -yes I love foods ouo-… she even has a fabulous theme song :squee:

:iconworrmm: is my Butt Bandit u///u
I don't remember where I met her exactly, but I got to say, she is fabulous and awesome ^ - ^ (I really like fabulous and awesome people u///u).
But yeah ouo This girly kinda makes me really happy when I speak to her c: I hope we will get really close friends one day~ Because... Wynaut c:
Anyways .o. Don't take off your b0x0rz u///u

:icontwisted--potato: is a best friend :3
I have always loved the way she does her traditional art, just like that little heart under snivy's eye o///o hohoho c:
Crystal is a really nice and cheerful girly c: pure and happy imo ; u ; She always cheers me up when I am sad somehow, which is really neat ^ - ^
Besides all that, she oftenly is online at deep midnight *my time* soooooo When I feel sad or lonely at night, she is there as well ^ - ^
(ofcourse there are more people like that uou but still~ )

:iconmrmw: is my family bird ~u~
Meep I got a weak spot for birds ; u ; they are so sweet and cute and flappy o^o.
But... this guy, I like talking to him a lot ouo We usually talk about the most random subjects though, but still :D
I like it ouo I hope that we will stay in such good contact for a loooong time ; u ; That would really make me happy c:

:iconmikkelart: is my cousin oQo
This guy is a real life close friend of mines actually :3 We have been meeting eachother pretty often recently with some other friends from high school.
He is like good in almost everything, Cooking (foooood o u o ), Photography and Languages :D (seriously o-o he knows his languages XD).
It's great since our interrests match pretty good, it's always nice to talk about personal things right? :D
I hope we will stay good friends for a long time uou You are amazing c:

:iconxjestino: is my bestest friend who secretly is my psychotic scientist who does experiments on me while I am asleep ОДО
Whoa long description dear o - o
Hehe allright, Cat is one of my closest friends ^ - ^ She is one of the nicest girls I have ever met, she is always there for me when I feel down, sad or lonely uou
Ofcourse I am offering to same to you, my lardon loving dear ^ - ^ (huehue lardon is real \o/ )
I really want to meet her once though uou Either in our lovely Netherlands or in her fancy England uou.
Just on top of all these things, she is such a great artist ; u ; like her style and the short time it takes her, meep masterpieces in a second be served c:
Ofcourse we had our ups and downs, but let the past be past and keep up with the positivity right? c: Well..... Positivity is there right? :D :D *pokes*
I promised to make it really really long but ; u ; Potatoes :T
Please let's be friends forever ; u ; (and teach me more России да! Спасибо ) c:

:iconmuxicalm: is my Otaku Meowstic oXo
Meowstic is a really really kind friend of mines I know :3 she is always happy and cheerful to chat and I like it a lot D:
Artwise, somehow I keep feeling adorablized (that is a word from now on) by the cute expressions you put on the faces uou so kind and calm, pure and sweet :3 I love it, really :D
I really do hope to get to know you even better then I do now and... maybe even talk more .o. that would be honestly amazing u///u
Yay :D

:iconjacetheshark: is my DOLPHIN, yes she can be my dolphin.
Molly is like one of the most cheerful and fun people around to hang with. What started as random conversations every now and then ended to be random conversations everytime. EVEN AT 4 AM, QUICK IT'S DONUT TIME. I still love how I added her to a group of random classmates of mines on skype and they actually did get along really well haha, how cool is that n-n.

Poke me anywhere if you want to join this o u o ANYONE is welcome, I'll make you the kind of relative you request. Wanna be my sock? be my sock. Even if you ain't no sock at all~~~ C: )

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keronen Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you like great artwork, go watch zreayer! Her OC is pretty cute and her style is nice, just a recommendation. She is an underrated artist lol, Just trying to help her out. Thankyou 😁
Roxalew Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HIYA :wave:

Happy birthday Blueberry Cake type 8 with candles 50x50 icon I hope you have a wonderful day :aww:
ateck5 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
heyoo! thanks a lot :D I've had a lovely day ^^
Roxalew Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your very welcome :D Great to hear!
Also how are you? :la: Its been so long :faint:
ateck5 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've been doing really well lately :> a lot of work, but it's doable

yeah I am not as active on deviantart as I used to be ;; usually I just check my messages every now and then, or keep up with people I've followed since forever really c:

how about you? F2U: Pink Neko Blob Icon  
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