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Terra Unbound - Master
The owner of a pair of yellow-orange eyes gazed at the large heart-shaped moon at the very top of the castle. Bit by bit, it was growing larger with numerous hearts flowing towards it. All thanks to Roxas and the puppet.
He noticed that his Keyblade Wielders were not entirely under his control.
No. VIII had recently retrieved Xion a couple of days ago. No. XIII had asked about 'Sora' the day after she returned; though he had a feeling that the young Nobody didn't know that Sora is his other.
And then there's him.
It's been nearly 78 days since he had appeared. Though it's been 77 days since he heard some interesting... info; as well as the first time he saw him. Saïx was right; the two of them do look alike. Minus the hair length and color, different skin color, eye color and different ages; though, the two do have the same facial frame.
And yet...
"He is the light," he raised his right hand and stretched his fingers, "while I," black energy appeared in h
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Terra Unbound - Xion
Everything was… black. Although… slowly, he began to hear a sound.
He wasn't able to make it out at first, but the sound soon became clearer in each passing second.
Now he's able to identify it. It was-
Waves. The sound of waves rolling…
Wait… where was he?
His eyes flickered under their lids, and they slowly opened. The warm blue sky, dotted with a few clouds, with the tops of some trees in the view, was a sight he first saw. The ground under him feels… cool. He felt some sand under his hands, cool yet dry under the shade of the trees.
He rose up carefully before moving to a sitting position, seeing the vast ocean in front of him. Above him, seagulls cawed as they flew around above him. It took him a few moments to clear his head before he realized where he was. Looking around, he noticed that he wasn't at the part of the island he was at years ago.
For one thing, there are more trees around this area, and a raft of sorts not far from him. He looke
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Terra Unbound - Progress
"Keep your eyes on your opponent!"
"I'm trying!" Terra yelled, clad in his repaired armor, as he fired a Blizzard spell at a piece of wayward furniture that tried to attack him.
Watching from the top of the steps are Yen Sid and the three fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. The three fairies watched on in anticipation while the old master watched on with a stoic expression, arms crossed.
Gripping his Keyblade tightly, he sliced another of the oncoming furniture with a battle cry. A lamp grazed his shoulder, the armor clad warrior instinctively gripping his shoulder. He did a take when a couch came flying at him and barely dodged it in time by diving to the ground. He pushed himself from the ground… until he hit the dirt again when a dresser nearly nailed him on the head.
Cursing under his breath, he pounced into the air, did a quick handspring and landed away from the other floating furniture, giving him enough space to try another Shotlock. He pointed his Key
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Terra Unbound - Regain
In the many halls of the Castle That Never Was
Everything was quiet for once in the Castle That Never Was. Normally, the Nobodies would just wake up, go to the Gray Room and await orders given to them by Saïx. But no one in their right mind would get up at this ungodly hour…
…Which was proven wrong when a Corridor of Darkness appeared and Xemnas walked out of it; he closed the portal behind him afterwards. He stood alone in the hall in silence, for once thankful of the silence in the castle. With silence is pure aloneness. Digging in his pocket, he pulled out a blue/yellow seashell of sorts, with a small fleurs-de-lis at the bottom, he picked up from the world he visited. The seashell he was holding suddenly faded in an orange colored star-shaped charm, causing him to drop the charm, completely startled.
Staring at the charm a little longer, he bent down and picked it up, by the edge, slowly. "Somewhere in the universe is a world where star shaped fru
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Terra Unbound - Truth
All he could see is pure, utter blackness. Faintly, he could feel another presence within the void. But just as quickly as it came, it faded away.
Moments after, he could make out voices then the darkness claimed him once again.
Then, a fuzzy image of a figure appeared before him. He couldn't make out what the figure looked like, but he is able to make out what looks like long blond hair. "Who are you?" He asked the figure.
The figure turned themselves to him, and a pair of amber yellow eyes came into view. They're not cool and heartless, like Master Xehanort's, but warm and compassionate. The figure smiled softly at him then faded from sight…

The scene reappeared, showing the still form of Terra as he lied on a bed.
"Golly, I hope he'll be okay," Mickey was the first to speak as he, Riku and two others looked over him.
"…" DiZ's bright brown eye gazed at Terra's still form.
"What's up DiZ?" Riku asked, removing a bit of his blindfold to look at the enigma
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Terra Unbound - Guilt
Unaware of what's going on at the Castle That Never Was, Terra entered the woods through the hole in the Tram Common area of the town. Looking around the woods carefully, he covered his head with the hood – a part of him told him to do so, so he could avoid detection from anyone – from the coat he's wearing; as he did so, he looked down at his semi-bare chest, showing the scar in the middle. He was about to pull the zipper up to cover it when he head a sound.
Not sure if it's a friend or foe – and not taking any chances if it's either the former or the latter – he looked around the area and spotted a tree wide enough to hide behind it. He quickly ran behind it and pressed himself against it, making sure that no one could see him at the entrance to the hole or at the path that leads to another area in the woods.
Peering out from behind his hiding place, he saw a small figure walking into the clearing. No, really, the figure is like ar
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Terra Unbound - Friend
Betwixt and Between
Sometime later, a Corridor of Darkness opened up and stepping out of it was Xigbar. "Man! That was a hell of a mission!" He remarked, taking a couple of steps forward after making his portal disappear. "I wonder how everything is at the castle? Though I'm sure Saïx could handle that guy, whoever the hell he iIS!" He tripped over something and fell on his face. "What the fuck? What did I just tripped ov-" Xigbar began to say as he picked himself up and looked at what he tripped over… then screamed like a women who was screaming for help when he saw Saïx on the ground, apparently passed out.
Oddly enough, it can be heard in different worlds as the inhabitants and the Organization members were looking around in confusion.
"…The hell was that?" Xaldin asked himself.
Returning our attention back to Xigbar now…
After screaming like a girl, Xigbar picked up Saïx and shook him awake. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED MAN??" Xi
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Terra Unbound - Escape
One of the many halls of the castle
Xigbar walked out of Xemnas' bedroom after placing the latter onto his bed. "Whew…" He muttered, wiping off imaginary sweat off his forehead. "Man, he was a bit heavier the last time I picked him up…" A portal opened near him, and Xaldin stepped out.
"How is Xemnas?" He black haired Nobody asked.
"Eh, besides being passed out, he's alright," Xigbar informed him. "At least he wasn't bleeding like last time…"
Xaldin nodded, remembering the event well. "Yes…"
"Anyways, how's the prisoner?" Xigbar decided to change the subject.
"He hasn't woken up yet," Xaldin reported. "Although, it is questionable of where he came from or why Kingdom Hearts did that…"
Xigbar just shrugged. "Dunno, but we should probably focus on our missions for now."
"Fine." Xaldin nodded then opened another portal and went into it. Xigbar was about to go on his way before looking back in Xemnas' room.
"…" He narrowed his eye before summonin
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Terra Unbound - Split
It should have been an ordinary day. Or… Rather not, considering since every day isn't so ordinary with Organization XIII. But that's beside the point. The point is…
Well, let's just say something that shouldn't have happen, happened.
The Alter of Naught
It was here when it happened. Rather than sit at his throne all day (which is mystery if he does sit there or not), Xemnas gazed at the heart shaped moon that was Kingdom Hearts. It was steadily growing bigger each day with No. XIII and the puppet destroying Heartless, releasing their hearts.
Although, he has no idea about what'll happen that day…
"My precious Kingdom Hearts," he said to it, reaching out his hands to the celestial power, "Soon, you will be complete. And when that time comes, give me the power, the power to rule over my new world!" He smirked fiendishly as more hearts began to gather to the large mystical entity.
'Yes,' he thought, still with that smirk and holding his arms out
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