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Vagina Tree

When my honeypie and I were in Kristiansand, I spotted something that looked kind of familiar... So, I captured the moment and took it with me home, for me and my honeypie to play with... My vagina... tree ;)
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wonderful. *vagina hugs vagina tree* I'M NOT REALLY A MAN. I'M A woMAN!
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I have a  penis tree. We should introduce them sometime.
sexykat123's avatar
haha : just cool
BloodRedVampress's avatar
ahaha Well, that's a little creepy :D
ReaKitten's avatar
Well I certainly giggled.
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Holy crap, freaky tree.
hahahahaha Funny Tree

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LOL ! :D dude that is brilliant O.o seriously how did u spot that though <3 :D excellent
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i am aware this is a very old photo, or in other words "manip.", but i still feel i must comment because i feel the need to.
i do think you should include in your discription that this is an manipulation, but its all up to you. and i clearly see you decided not to for your own reasons, so im fine with that.
i do, however, wish some people wouldnt comment things if they find it that the picture was a waste of their time. i mean, wouldnt commenting it be a waste of time to? thats on them. *hinthinttowardsRim23shot*
doesnt matter if it was years ago, i still despise people like that.

on other note, i think it was a very creative idea. and i could tell it gave many people a chuckle :P
wow. This is a well captured photo op. Is that the full tree or is it some kind of split screen effect if you dont mind me asking. Looks really symmetrical if that is a real tree its no doubt the work of some kind of vagina angel
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Lmfao, for some reason I laughed really hard at the title, LOL.
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What an awesome photo!
fantastic work... ya concept and idea was really new and great :)
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Ahhhhh... I am so horny!!!!
Meltear's avatar
excellent haha !
Fantastic! Marvelous! Thats all I can say!
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you should make clear in the photos description that this is not a natural image, but rather a photomanipulation in which an exsisting image is mirrored. good job.
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*Planescape: Torment*
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j'adore vagina's!!!! and i love the tree i want that tree in my backyard!
Rim23shot's avatar
A poor attempt to humour and to photomanipulation. Had you photographed a tree that actually looked something like this, it would have been worth my while.
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