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Boy have I not updated in ages! Well I'm still here, and I think I'm ready to update my gallery a bit now! Since uni began I've just been too busy to draw but throughout the summer holiday I've managed to practice a bit. If you still remember me, look forward to some new stuff!!
So there's a new art-community-website-thing going around called Anipan. It's still in its beta stage but some are receiving invites to test the thing.

Ry-Spirit is kind enough to raffle away 10 beta invitations. Check it out!:
Ok since I really need to practice anatomy etc during this summer and I need money for food, I've decided to open up sketch commissions.

For a measly $8 you can get a sketch of any single character you want (within reason).

Here's an example of what your $8 could go towards:

Misty Sketch by Atatakakunakatta

Remember it's $8 for one character only, if I draw two characters in one picture it would be $16 and so on.

By the way I will not draw anything romantic ok, it will not end well.

Also you will need a paypal account to complete the transaction.

I do NOT accept points.

If you're interested please send me a note so we can discuss it!
That's right, A-levels are over and I now have 3 months of glorious free summer time to do stuff! Stuff like commissions!

So if anyone is interested in commissions, just send me a note and we can sort something out.

Cost can vary from £10 - £25 (that's about $20 - $40), depending on the difficulty of the request (i.e. numerous figures, background, etc.).

Commissions will be done in my painty style, for example:

Ringo by Atatakakunakatta Yoshi's Swing by Atatakakunakatta Hikikomori by Atatakakunakatta

However, I don't mind using a different style if so desired. For example:

Abiru by Atatakakunakatta Parasite Pokemon by Atatakakunakatta

Upon completion of the commission I will send you a full resolution image of the finished piece via email, so don't forget to provide that when requesting.

Payment must be made once your request has been accepted. Preferably all payment should be done by paypal.

And no point commissions, so please don't ask.

Thank you for reading! If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!


Journal Entry: Sat Sep 17, 2011, 12:27 PM
I was hoping to finish a few pictures but things have really just gotten a bit hectic with UCAS (university) applications and coursework so I'm gonna be pretty inactive for a bit.

I hope to do more pictures sooner rather than later!

Back 2 school! style change? and photoshop sucks!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 3, 2011, 2:08 PM
Hello everyone!

Well on tuesday I go back to school! Which means incredibly sluggish updates. I'll try my best to write a journal entry or upload a picture now and again but most of my time will most likely go towards coursework and university applications (urgh).

Having said all this I'm thinking of doing cheaper, more simple commissions in the style of my recent picture:

Abiru by Atatakakunakatta

Of course this all depends whether or not I'll have the time, but would anyone out there be up for this?

Speaking of my recent style changes, I intend to use multiple styles in the future. This will most likely depend in whatever mood I'm in to be honest. I still like painting but using cleaner lines is also good fun.

I've been having problems with photoshop recently as well. It now runs unbearably slow and has a strong tendency to crash at the worst of times. I try to save as frequently as possible but it takes a good minute to save sometimes. Does anyone know what I could do to tackle the issue? I might end up installing CS5 or something.

Subscription's also ending pretty soon so bye-bye polls, might renew it though.

Till next time! Bye!

Japan was great! Hot as hell though. I'm pretty sure it was 100% humidity on some occasions, like Singapore.

Expect some Japan-inspired artwork soon before my summer ends.

Also got my A-level results which I am quite pleased with. I was really worried about them too, so I'm glad it turned out ok!
Going on holiday for 2 weeks so I will be pretty inactive. Bringing laptop though so I will be checking dA now and again.

Commissions are still open if anyone is interested...…

Now to endure a 13 hour flight!

See ya'll!
Here are the rules:

First 14 people to comment on this journal will get a feature here!

However you must then do the same, adding me as the first person and then 14 other people, so you feature 15 people altogether!

Together we shall spread the art and help others get known while getting more known ourselves! Win-win! :)




Porygon Evo by Kurososhi13 Black Star by Kurososhi13 Mewtwo by Kurososhi13




MORE Red Pandas and Foxes by radtastical Dino Tango by radtastical Big Dino by radtastical


Resting Wingull by AdmiralRivers Beldum by AdmiralRivers Skipp and Lolo :Gift: by AdmiralRivers


Blue Bomber Forever by Felolira Majoras Mask Full Moon by Felolira Locked Heart 'Remake' by Felolira


Sam by lozdangel Prince by lozdangel Whats on your mind? by lozdangel


Shiny Swellow by ShrubSparrow Braviary - Wargle by ShrubSparrow The Cry of Shiny Absol by ShrubSparrow




My Psychotic Pokemon Team by happydoodle Miss Vaporotem by happydoodle Ice Cream Treat by happydoodle




Morty's Blast by Donffy Battle Subway Beatz by Donffy The Dance of the Butterfly by Donffy


:thumb244752326: Apocalypse by rook09:thumb244749190:



Yep so I've decided to open for commissions now, here's how it goes:

Character, no background (plain colour): £5
Mienfoo by Atatakakunakatta Suzuhime by Atatakakunakatta

Character and simple background: £10
The Tanooki Suit in 3D by Atatakakunakatta BMO by Atatakakunakatta

Character and detailed background: £15
Ringo by Atatakakunakatta Desert Voyage by Atatakakunakatta

Every additional character in the picture is £4 extra.

I may negotiate the price as well.

I'm taking payments by paypal.

Pokemon, other Nintendo characters are preferred as choices, but it's up to you!

I'm taking 3 slots at a time, so please drop me a note if interested.


1.:iconmeriimerodii: paid *completed*
2.:iconpaleona: paid *pretty much done*

I don't do point commissions, so please don't ask.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
Please comment whether you think I should open up to commissions any time soon.

This would be poll but i'm too poor :C
Everyone, check out just-a-CreEp's zelda item collaboration, it's gonna look awesome together once everyone has finished their part!

It's too late now to contribute, however if you can find an item he's missing you should inquire. I'm sure there must be something missing!

You can check out the collab page here:…