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Meson Girl vs The Beast
By Atastretch

(Against all odds, a badly injured Meson Girl carries out her mission, rescuing scientists from a terrible peril.)

"It is absolutely imperative that these scientists be protected!" concluded The Big Boss, thumping his fist down on the desk to emphasise the importance. There was no need, I knew my duty and he knew that he could rely on me to complete any mission successfully. I pulled my tummy in, stuck my chest out, clicked my heels together and gave the sharpest of salutes.

There! He did it again! Since they'd issued me with this ridiculous new uniform, every time I saluted him, his eyes widened slightly and his adam's apple lurched. I suppose his reaction was understandable, the garment hardly covered any of the front of my body, it barely concealed my nipples. I was convinced that it was too tight, especially for my breast size, but they insisted that it was correct. How they expected me to fight properly in it I don't know. Mind you, I have to admit that it helped distract my opponents on more than one occasion. The leg cut-outs were so high above my hips that it made my legs look like a giraffe's. Yet at the same time the front of the waistline was so low that, for the first couple of days I wore it, I had to keep checking that it hadn't slipped down a few millimetres, which would have made it positively indecent. And the way the material strained, my breasts bulged around it when I stuck my chest out like that, well, I had to feel sympathy for him.

He cleared his throat: "Begin your mission immediately, Meson Girl. Dismissed!"

I left the office and hurried down to the underground car park. Hopping into my Meson Vehicle, I set the guidance system to take me to the local zoo, just fifteen minutes away. I had learned at my briefing that the scientists worked at a research and development facility within the city's zoological gardens. They were involved in genetic experiments of some kind, though that was the extent of my need-to-know knowledge. Why D.R.E.A.D. should want to kidnap them I did not know, I only knew that it was my job to prevent it. I would take them to a safe house until the threat was past.

At this time of night, only security lights and a few windows of the research block were lit. Stepping from the car, I saw and heard nothing except sudden stars and the sickening crunch of something hard and heavy crashing into the back of my skull.

I awoke hazily, my head pounding, then suddenly jerked back to full awareness when I recalled what had happened. My eyes snapped open and I sat up. I was in a glass room, maybe twenty feet square, and my arms were tied extremely tightly behind my back, elbows touching. A closed door separated my room from a similar one, in which huddled two bespectacled men dressed in white lab coats. I recognised them immediately as the scientists I'd been sent to protect. A third glass-walled room seemed to be empty. It adjoined the scientists' room on one side, separated again by a closed door. I could see now that these three rooms were made up of glass partitions that divided a forty foot square room into quarters. In the remaining quarter sat a dozen men; one other stood before them - I recognised him as a senior D.R.E.A.D. agent.

How could I have been so careless? How could our intelligence be so wrong? D.R.E.A.D. had already made its move!

Many of the men were gazing lustfully at me. "Ah, Meson Girl, nice to have you back with us!" said the agent. "We've been waiting for you to awaken so that you too can enjoy our little demonstration."

"Hey!" called one of the men, grinning in my direction. "Nice mesons!" Most of the others laughed with him. I smiled, mostly in pity for the poor moron. Did he really think it was the first time I'd heard that one?

As the laughter subsided, the D.R.E.A.D. agent turned to his audience. "Gentlemen, "he announced, "you are about to witness a display of power and ferocity never seen before. What these scientists have accomplished is remarkable. It is ironic that they should be destroyed by their own creation, but so it must be. Their work is done, D.R.E.A.D. alone possesses their secrets and we will sell them today to the highest bidder amongst you. Imagine, if you will, what could be achieved by an army of these creatures, when a single one can do this..."

The agent spun slowly on his heel and made the extravagant gesture of a showman toward the third, empty room. A second later, a door opened in the far side and something entered.

I blinked. Although I had not known what to expect, this was probably the last thing I would have expected to see. I could hear gasps coming from some of the seated men. Through the corner of my eye, I could see that some of them were rising to their feet and backing away from the glass.

The animal was a fully-grown male Siberian tiger. A magnificent creature, it must have been all of nine feet long. Its markings were exquisite, it looked like a perfect specimen. It flowed further into the room with easy grace and strength, powerful muscles seething beneath its gorgeous fur. It padded around silently on its huge paws for a few seconds, turning uncertainly in the middle of the room.  

"Don't be alarmed, gentlemen" re-assured the agent quickly, "that glass is extremely strong, you are in no danger."

My mind was racing. What would happen if the door between the tiger's room and the scientist's room were to open? How could I possibly save them?

Next moment, I froze, my eyes riveted to the open doorway through which the tiger had just entered.  

Another beast was slowly coming into the room. I say "beast" because I could not tell what kind of creature it was. It was big - very big. It reminded me first of a grizzly bear, yet it also had an indefinable, eerily human look about it. Although it walked on four legs, the front paws moved awkwardly, as each was tipped by four enormous claws, curving inwards like sickles with nine inch blades. It had thick, light grey fur and its overall shape was similar to that of a gorilla, in that the hindquarters were small compared with the massive muscularity of the front end of its body. The thing must weigh four or five hundred kilos, I guessed. It paused, regarding the tiger emotionlessly with eyes that seemed to sparkle with intelligence. The tiger's nose furrowed as it snarled at the beast, revealing canine teeth almost three inches long. With a deafening roar, the huge cat suddenly launched itself, a terrifying vision of ultimate ferocity.  

What happened next was almost too fast to see. Like lightning, the beast pivoted to one side, whilst its fearsomely armed forelegs blurred through the air with an audible hiss. One met the big cat's face head-on in a downward sweep and the other arced upwards, below its body. With impossible violence, the tiger jack-knifed in the air, to fall with a spine-chilling scream just beyond the beast, blood spurting from its head and abdomen and entrails spilling to the ground. The beautiful animal thrashed frantically on the floor for just a couple of seconds before sagging lifeless into a rapidly expanding pool of its own crimson blood.

It had not even managed to touch its killer, which had already begun to lick the blood from its claws.

It was a few seconds before I could even move. I was totally shocked by what I had just witnessed. I glanced at the spectators in the next room. The agent was smiling with quiet satisfaction, all of the others wore expressions of terror. White faced, some had collapsed in a heap in their chairs, some had fallen quivering to the floor and others cowered against the back wall. One was trying in panic to leave the room by its only door, which seemed to be locked.

A movement drew my attention back to the beast. A glint in its eye, it had begun moving slowly towards the scientists, who were huddled, trembling, in the far corner of their room. Heart already pumping fast with adrenaline, I raced to the door between our rooms. Turning so that my bound hands could grasp the handle behind me, to my surprise I found it unlocked. I hesitated in the open doorway, still having no plan of what to do. The terrifying beast was almost at the door separating it from the scientist's room. Would it be able to break the door down? It certainly looked powerful enough to.

Rooted to the spot, I watched, horrified, as the beast reached for the handle, turned it and opened the door!

I yelled and beckoned at the scientists to come into my room but they were too terrified to move. It was not surprising, it would have meant moving closer to the beast before they could get to the door. There was only one thing for it. With heart pounding as if to burst from my chest, I ran into the room and positioned myself between the men and the beast. I turned to face the animal. It had stopped and was regarding us curiously, its head tilted slightly to one side. Blood stained its lips. Then it started to move slowly forward again.

Instinctively, I backed away, until I could hear the scientists whimpering right behind me and I could go no further. Almost naked, my hands tied behind me, I had never felt so defenceless. What use was my body as a shield against such a monster? The creature was almost upon me now, I could hear its rasping breathing and feel its hot breath. Just a couple of feet away, its bulk dwarfing my five foot frame, it stopped.

It slowly raised one forepaw, my eyes following those lethal claws. I was shaking and my chest, pushed fully outwards by the tight bonding of my elbows, was rising and falling with my rapid breathing. The beast extended one claw, which lightly touched my bulging left breast, just below the nipple. A shiver of dread passed through my whole body. Experimentally, the beast applied increasing pressure, slowly denting the trembling skin until the point tore into my flesh, gradually burying itself to one third of its length.

Though it was agony, somehow I prevented myself from screaming. I had seen that the beast had not attacked the tiger, only defended itself. It had a human element to it, I was sure. After all, it had known exactly how to open the door. It seemed inquisitive about my body, perhaps it held some residual human sexual interest. I resolved to be as passive as possible, so as not to provoke it.

As the creature slowly withdrew its claw, a rivulet of blood traced its way down my breast and between my abdominal muscles. I almost cried out but gritted my teeth and managed to limit it to a quiet moan. Then the beast lowered its paw and placed all four of the claws on the left side of my belly, two above the navel and two below. Sweat streamed down my face, stinging my eyes and I began to tremble violently. After what had happened to the tiger's belly, I was terrified. Every instinct told me to run for the door, but I knew that, however hopeless the situation seemed, I could not abandon the men behind me, it was my duty to save them, even if I should die trying. With terrible slowness, the claws dragged sideways and downwards across the smooth, wet surface of my heaving abdomen. At first they painfully scratched the skin, then excruciatingly cut into it, slicing quadruple slits deeper and deeper into my upper and lower abdominal muscles as they moved across to the right side of my belly.

I don't know to this day how I suppressed the scream. I felt that my brain would explode with the pain. I dared not look down at my poor belly but watched through a haze of tears as the beast raised its paw slowly to its lips to taste my blood.

Through the agony I became aware that my wrists were vibrating. What was happening? I fought to clear my mind. My wrists were free! Next moment the vibration was at my elbows. One of the scientists was cutting my bonds! He must have found a penknife or something.

The rope fell away; I could only think of one course of action. No matter how big the animal, it has to breathe. Steeling myself, I crouched then sprang into a forward somersault. The beast had been quick enough to anticipate and react to the tiger's attack from ten feet away but not to my unexpected vertical leap from such close quarters. As I passed over its head, I reached down and clasped my wrists in my hands, encircling its throat. Suddenly jerked to a halt, my back against the back of the animal, I felt the wounds pull open as my body arched backward and stretched out. I screamed at last, in almost overwhelmng pain, and felt warm blood stream down my thighs.

Enraged, the beast reared onto its hind legs and began to lurch around, attempting to throw me off. I knew that I had to keep hanging on, it was our only chance. As we turned, the scientists came into my view, their white lab coats spattered librally with my scarlet blood. I shouted at them to run, so they sprinted out of the room, skirted the dead tiger and disappeared through the door. My abdomen was screaming at me to let go as, time and again, my slashed belly was agonisingly stretched by the beast, which behaved like a rodeo bull as it tried to dislodge me. The creature was waving its forelegs around but dared not grab at my hands, as its clumsy nine-inch claws might slit its own throat.

The bucking got worse as the beast panicked, feeling its air supply cut off by the 60kg I was applying to its windpipe. I was almost passing out from the pain when I realised that its struggles were diminishing. Then at last it collapsed. Crouching beside it, I put one foot on the back of its neck and, with my arms around its throat, I heaved with all my remaining strength for as long as I could without fainting, to ensure that it had taken its last breath.

I staggered to my feet, almost slipping over in my own blood. Glancing at the spectators, I could see that their room was still in complete chaos. With one hand on my belly, I stumbled after the scientists. They had unlocked an external door with the keycode and thoughtfully left it open for me. I soon caught up with them and we raced to the safehouse in my meson vehicle.

September 2018
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mike301243 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018
against beasts ... not so interesting for me, I like your other stories where she fights against herself for more power.
I like your stories!
Atastretch Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018
Aaww! What's not to like about beasts? Thanks for the feedback!
mike301243 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018
the beast and the sex girl?   no connection
Sex Girl and a man ... !
Krysnha Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018
It was diferent but intresting
Atastretch Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018
Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you still found it interesting.
Krysnha Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018
Indeed, by the way you still accept sugestions and ideas
paws4thot Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018
Well, that's distinctly different to anything I'd previously seen from you.
Atastretch Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018
Yes, I only fully realised how different when I came to put descriptive tags on the story whilst posting it!
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