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simple things | levi
Modern AU
You loved the simple things.
Like the scent of coffee brewing at five in the morning filling your nose in the bedroom, the aroma strong enough to reach you from beneath the confines of your bed and rouse you from sleep. Like how he’d instantly melt in the embrace you never failed to wrap around his frame, stopping him from making your coffee and his, and how he’d turn around to look you in the eyes with something just so full of love you would never be capable of comprehending. How there would always be the smallest of smiles on his lips, calloused palm pressed to your cheek as he ignored your morning breath and messy bed hair and lack of clothing and kissed the sleepiness out of your overworked body.
You loved the simple things.
Like the soft kisses that would caress your neck while you were curled up in his lean arms, back pressed to his strong frame as you sipped on your coffee and tilted his own mug to his lips
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small | kagami
In his arms, you were small.
Against the wide, toned expanse of his flesh, you measured nothing but a fraction of it.
A king-sized bed had never been enough to fit his mesomorphic form, and nights before you were always uncomfortable. To get into a relatively relaxing sleeping position, he’d have to curl up as much as he could against the sheets, or leave his feet hanging over the bottom wooden board of his large bed.
Then you suddenly appeared, like a beam of sunlight penetrating his storm of school and passions.
All smiles, all hard work, always putting effort in everything you did.
Small in the world of the blind and angry. But in his life, in his heart, you were as tall as a giant, as great and endless as the sky.
You, too, were made of passion, of determination, of the want, the need, the hunger to beat the strong. To be the strongest.
He knew that falling for you, you of burning eyes and effort but love and calm all at
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 24 7
weird together | aomine
Warning: This won’t make any sense.

“(Name)-san, come with me,” the invisible, blue-haired teen who had just bought you a milkshake suddenly said, gently grabbing your arm before he pulled you in the direction of the basketball practice court, as if he had just remembered something very important. Your milkshake straw slipped out of your lips as Kuroko pulled you along, something akin to determination shining in his usually impassive hues.
“Kuroko? You okay?”
He ignored your question, remaining silent even when you arrived at your presumed destination. The squeaking of shoes and the cheers of testosterone fueled teens filled your ears.
Swish, swish, swish.
Three straight shots went through the ten feet tall hoop. The sound of the basketball falling through the net was pleasant in your ears.
But what pleased you the most was the eyeful of wonderfully tanned muscles flashing through the c
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dinner out | dad!levi
Modern AU - Principal!Reader
Part 2 – Getting to Know You


“So, Mika, your dad’s sure about this?”
You checked yourself out in the full-length mirror, Mikasa standing behind you in a bright pink dress you had bought her for her birthday. You had insisted she could wear casual clothes, since you weren’t going to go to a ball or anything fancy, just a small diner near your house, but that girl could be as stubborn as Eren sometimes. You figured he’d been rubbing off on her.
“I guess work clothes are okay…,” you mumbled to yourself, pulling your black tie back into your long fingers. You had to admit you were a little nervous, seeing that you’d be hanging out with the father of your favorite student. Your favorite student's... attractive father. Mikasa had told you after your meeting with him that he was single. She must’ve
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 34 2
reminiscence | naki
Prize for JustABrokenSpirit
“Misa…” He gently pulled at the end of the girl’s pink hair. “Who’s that girl?”
The pair stood on the side of the large, dilapidated dome, and a throng of men and women clad in black coats stepped onto the wooden platform sitting at the center of the place, hooded with their heads down. One figure stood at the front of the line of ghouls, hood pulled to the back of her neck, head held high. Her eyes, glassy and unfocused, remained fixed on a certain panel of the dome.
“I think she’s—“
“Here are the new members of Aogiri Tree,” Tatara’s voice echoed throughout the crowded area. His sharp, curved mask and cold empty eyes caused several ghouls to step back. “I won’t bother introducing them. Get back to work. New ones get to sleep and eat for today. I am tired.”
The line of ghouls raised their heads a little at this, no
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 4 2
a little help | dad!levi
Modern AU - Principal!Reader
Part 1 - Meeting

You patiently waited for the small pot of water to boil, chewing on a sweet chocolate chip cookie one of your most warm-hearted students had baked for you. That little girl sat on your leather seat, small in the chair as she stared at you.
“Do you like it?” she asked quietly.
“Yes, Mikasa. It tastes very good.” You turned around and flashed her a kind smile. She beamed at you, standing from the chair and waddling over to you on her short pale legs. The girl wrapped her arms around your lower half, nuzzling into your casual black pants, humming all the way.
You patted her head, stroking her raven locks with your own lithe digits before turning back to the boiling water. Switching the heater off, you poured the water into a white tea-cup before you delicately dropped a tea bag into the cup, all while Mikasa had her arms circled around your legs.
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 53 8
bus ride | levi
Modern AU
The soft beat of your favorite song thumped in your ears as you stepped onto the bus. You stood by the sliding bus door for a few moments, scanning for any empty seats. You felt like sitting alone today.
A chipper pair of friends bumped into you, and the more polite of the two apologetically smiled at you. Her mouth moved in what you read as ‘sorry.’ You flashed her a small smile before moving along as well, sliding into an empty seat near the back of the bus. Chocolate and sandwich wrappers crunched beneath your feet as you made your way into the seat, and a small, green lump of something stuck to the seat in front of you jiggled as the bus crossed several bumps in the road.
Ignoring it, you pulled your phone out, typing your password in before tapping the Webtoon app, excited to read another episode of your favorite webtoon. You crossed your legs and grabbed a homemade sandwich from inside your bag, unwrapping the warm
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 39 13
chained together
Modern AU
“Hey, listen.” A woman clad in a white lab-coat motioned one of the attendants for the Marriage Booth over to her, a slightly terrifying grin adorning her lips. Her disheveled brown hair stuck out from under her goggles, messy due to the many failed and explosive experiments she performed. “Do you think you could bring three people together?”
The attendant ignored the woman’s crazy appearance, very used to it by now, and replied, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but our catchers are only permitted to catch three people, and we have no price for a three—“
Hanji’s fingers pulled out several crisp twenty-dollar bills and set it down on the counter, hiding it with her body and lab-coat. Bribery was highly looked down upon, so she had to keep this a secret.
Moblit’s expression turned into one of vexation, but he gave in anyway, grabbi
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 10 3
kitten rescue | punk!levi
Modern AU

You watched his tattooed fingers travel across the small, fluffy body of a shivering kitten, your expression one of bewilderment and surprise.
Guess you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, most of the time.
He gently rubbed the kitten’s chin with a finger, its eyes falling shut as it nuzzled into his fingertip. Your lips parted at the soft smile that quirked his lips.
“Do you want to carry her?” he asked quietly, picking the kitten up in one hand before cradling it close to his chest.
“Sure,” you answered, holding your hands out. Gently, he set it down into your hands, and it curled up into the warmth of your palms as you held it close to your breast.
He felt his heart begin to thump wildly against his chest at the fondness in your eyes and how carefully you caressed the kitten’s matted fur. It mewed into your shirt, nuzzling into your chest.
Two of my
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 50 3
the real you | all might
Bright yellow rays of sunshine stole peaceful sleep from you and shook you into a gentle rousing. Your slow, still sleep-deprived eyes took some time to perceive Toshinori staring at you with absolute fondness and adoration. Of course, you hadn’t noticed that look in his eyes at first.
The first thing you were able to take in was how tense he looked. It worried you, and all the sleepiness fled from your body, concern stewing in your chest instead of love, like how your mornings would usually start.
His breaths came out strained, despite the calm expression on his visage and the beaming smile on his lips. Your brows furrowed together in worry, and you took his hand in yours, eyes growing soft upon a single realization.
“You don’t always have to put up that strong exterior,” you murmured, shuffling closer to his body while wrinkling the sheets in the process.
His smiling lips began to tremble, and he coughed, hard, body wracking
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argue with me | bakugou
 “I’M NOT GOING TO KISS MY BITCH ON CAMERA!!” His loud voice boomed throughout the entire studio.
        “Bakugou, you’re married—
        “Do you think I’m comfortable with having billions of people watch me suck on her tongue?!”
        “Bakugou you don’t have to suck on my tongue we can just do one simple, normal kiss.”
        “I can’t believe I married a child.”
        “What did you say about me?!
        “That you’re a child! Bakugou, we’ve kissed hundreds of times in
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reading lessons | levi
“Squad Leader (Name),” a voice called, causing you to halt in your tracks and turn around. Captain Levi Ackerman stood behind you, holding a pile of papers in one hand. You tilted your head, curious.
            “Yes, Levi?”
            “Help me with these papers,” he demanded, “I have enough on my plate right now.”
            You pursed your lips, contemplating. He impatiently waited for your answer, crossing his arms without wrinkling the papers in his hand.
            “Alright, Levi. Your room?”
            He nodded.


You quickly gleaned one paper with a blank expression, signing Levi’s nam
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 34 8
who are you | shoto
“Sho-kun…” She swallowed, eyes filled with sorrow. “You have grown so much colder.”
            Ah, how little she knew.
            “I do not care.” His lidded eyes glared into her being. He hated how he had to pretend. “I am no longer the child who held you and loved you with the whole of his heart. I cannot be him anymore.”
            “You speak as if it’s a bad thing, being you,” she said, taking a step forward.
            “Do not come near me.”
            Her shoulders slumped.
            He did not allow his glare to soften.
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 26 22
having you | bakugou
Modern AU

pregnancy | labor


3rd Month in
            It was a call of his name spoken as a question, but she already knew the answer. He had almost never fallen asleep since she had told him. He was always too busy worrying about what could happen to her.
            “Do you really think (Girl’s Name) is a good name?” the girl asks softly, rising from her position in the (Name)-carved crook of his arm and resting her chin on the space between his pecs.
            “I do.” She hears irritation in his voice. She had asked it many times before.
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 53 12
phone number | levi
Part of the Phone Number Series
“Babe,” you whisper, grabbing the sleeve of his black sweater and tugging gently. “Someone asked for my number.”
            His thumb freezes from above his phone’s screen, eyes lidding into a deadly glare. He shoves his phone into your lap and harshly stands from the bench he was sitting on, hands clenched into tight fists. His eyes search for someone who could have asked for your number.
            “Ahahaha! I know right? Hot bitch…
            It was definitely the copper-haired guy pointing at his phone while bursting out into loud laughter every three seconds.
            Raven-black bangs shadowing his eyes, he approac
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 15 11
is this love | levi
Highschool AU
“Good morning Levi!!” Hanji cheerfully [as well as annoyingly] greets into his ear, “How are you?!”
            “I don’t need to answer that,” he replies apathetically, gaze not on the eccentric brunette babbling nonsense beside him, but on another girl chatting with her friends in line for slop-like cafeteria food. Unconsciously, he slips his hand into the pocket of his leather jacket and fingers the slightly rough material of the red ribbon attached to a small box of chocolates.
            “Ohoho, it’s time to tease you, I see!” Bringing her glasses closer to the bridge of her nose, there is a smirk that forms on her lips, a smirk that scares the living daylights out of students watching their interaction. “Huhuhu~ still in love, huh?”
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 39 6


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Hello hello hellooooo! How are you? I hope you’re doing well.

Quick summary: I love anime a little too much and I write fanfiction 'bout the characters in them and read such things to fulfill my insatiable desires. Writing is just a hobby of mine.

Thank you for visiting my page! I hope you enjoy my pieces (if you think about checking them out) and the rest of your day thinking of the wonderful man stripping below!

Levi by Raynated



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