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A Gear in Gensokyo: Incident #1 :iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 2 0
Sanchay Com.: Lapis O. Rimewing by Atashi-Cloud Sanchay Com.: Lapis O. Rimewing :iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 8 5 MLP:FiM OC Solid Gear by Atashi-Cloud MLP:FiM OC Solid Gear :iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 4 7
Jodi Shorts: The Projector Room
Quiet, deadly, silence.

Aside that of a projector clicking in motion after every minute, that is. A faint glow was around the room, created by the old film projector and the canisters of still photos it was cycling through. Dozens upon dozens of the ilk were in the room, at least that's what it seemed like from the perspective of the projector, having been caught in a large tangle of the film hours ago. It was still humming away though, softly clicking through the photos that were being cycled through.
Sitting in a chair in front of the projector, was a lone person. Her hair shaggy and untamed, washed and cleaned of course but not combed or paid any attention to as of late. Her whole appearance seems gaunt and washed-out, a trick of the projector's light due to how it glowed around her pale skin and created an unnatural pallor in the room. Her eyes a bright shining contrast to her skin, double-irises brimming up with full blue and turquoise tones as they
:iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 1 2
Commission: SHiNG Jodi by Atashi-Cloud
Mature content
Commission: SHiNG Jodi :iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 5 2
Lapis Osiris Rimewing: Reference by Atashi-Cloud
Mature content
Lapis Osiris Rimewing: Reference :iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 0 4
Lapis IN COLOR by Atashi-Cloud Lapis IN COLOR :iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 0 0
WIP: Another Jodi Short
A Girl and her Laboratory: A Jodi Short
Days after days, it was nothing but a long string of nothingness punctuated throughout with visions of people who had nothing better to do than move on with their lives. Granted, looking at it through such a mechanical mindset wasn't what she wanted, but it had such an appeal that she couldn't pass it up for the week.
"Booooooooooring....why is this day dragging on so looooong? Seriously, can't it just have a single. Interesting. Thing happen?" Jodi moans, dragging out her words for emphasis wherever possible to help add to the amount of boredom she felt. It's not that her apartment complex wasn't doing badly, in fact it was a lively and bustling hive of energy and flawless entertainment. She just couldn't help but notice the predictability of everything, how if she did nothing it just simply went on without her input. Especially if she had input, it still kept going as it should, bending and twisting just to keep on with the dance of sanity that
:iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 1 4
Effie Sketchery by Atashi-Cloud Effie Sketchery :iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 3 10 DragonJodi Finale: part 1 by Atashi-Cloud DragonJodi Finale: part 1 :iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 2 3 Alauniira Silverhand CODCON XV by Atashi-Cloud Alauniira Silverhand CODCON XV :iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 8 13
An OCs Short: Aki, Cass, Carli
An Afternoon With A Meerkat
Akikaze was dancing around, her feet pounding out a simple but rhythmic pattern with her feet to the tune of a particular pause theme playing from her stereo nearby. Anyone paying attention would recognize the Battletoads song, but most of all is her two close friends, Cassandra and Carli. They were in another room far off, Cassandra having a book in hand on a particular historical battle that she was reading. Her thoughts were trailing off with the sound of Aki's music, though it was more from the occasional 'thumpthumpthump' when Akikaze slams her foot down three times rapidly. She sighs, looking aside as Carli enters the room and raises an eyebrow at seeing Cass with a book.
"Is that what I think it is?" Carli asks, walking in and looking over Cass' back to see the book.
"Shut it..." Cass answers, glaring at the larger armadillo-girl.
"It is....huh, never figured you for a closet bookworm." Carli states, taking a seat across from the lithe black cat anthr
:iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 0 0
Pokemon Shorts:detail thoughts
What follows is a small detailing of Thom's thoughts within specific scenes of a friend's fanfic. The only original bits are my character's thoughts, the rest is all Cusack's work. My character's thoughts are italicized and bolded, and any extra actions are added in among that to show what he'd have been doing...if anything.
Read the comments below for the link to her fanfic, and please read through that first before this story! It's important since I've taken out certain parts.
~Beginning and recap here~
Cusack blinked. Well, that sounded harmless. "Fine with me." She looked at her two friends. "And you guys?" Echo shrugged. "I'm okay with it." Whing merely nodded, now looking embarrassed from what she did before.
'You know, jumping to conclusions is never a good sign in a trainer...but that's what gets you into this sort of thing, I'll adress this to her at a later time...she deserves to know my real standing here among them.'
Cusack looked back at the man, giving a nod
:iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 2 24
Pokemon Shorts:More side-story
Mini-stories: Pokemon Cusack
A Meeting Most Discerning
"So, Professor...just what was her story?" Thom asks as the two witness the strange girl walk off.
"She faced down a wild Victreebel that had been terrorizing the forest recently...I was hoping you would do it yourself, but she seems to have solved it humanely enough. She rescued an Eevee in the process too, although she doesn't seem to want to listen to me for much. Strong-headed and stubborn, like most later-starting trainers..." Prof. Rowan states, sighing lightly and nodding to Thom and Aurora.
"Sounds like you, Thom. Perhaps we should follow after her?" Aurora questions, Thom rolling his eyes and placing a hand on her muzzle.
"No, we've got stuff to do here, Aurora. Food, y'know? I can't keep myself strong without it. Even a Lucario needs food to work properly....unless being touched by you absolves that too?" he says, looking at Aurora curiously as she looks aside lightly.
"It does not...but nourishment from wat
:iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 1 10
Atashi's New Swords by Atashi-Cloud Atashi's New Swords :iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 2 5 Tau in Casual Armor by Atashi-Cloud Tau in Casual Armor :iconatashi-cloud:Atashi-Cloud 43 16

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Group Hug! by ss2sonic Group Hug! :iconss2sonic:ss2sonic 1,461 52 Nurse Finnick by ss2sonic Nurse Finnick :iconss2sonic:ss2sonic 646 39 Nick and Finnick by ss2sonic Nick and Finnick :iconss2sonic:ss2sonic 697 32 ChibiCOMBAT - Fight for Manhood by Dragon-FangX ChibiCOMBAT - Fight for Manhood :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 77 4 Cat-arina by Dragon-FangX Cat-arina :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 158 9 Durian Cara by Dragon-FangX Durian Cara :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 75 16 Graped Ashley by Dragon-FangX Graped Ashley :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 100 2 Squato's Signal by DaffydWagstaff Squato's Signal :icondaffydwagstaff:DaffydWagstaff 6 2 Eirene Cir Tigerbat  YCH By Breezepleeze by Q99 Eirene Cir Tigerbat YCH By Breezepleeze :iconq99:Q99 19 5 Fruit Basket by 0pik-0ort
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Fruit Basket :icon0pik-0ort:0pik-0ort 768 46
Hopps by GlacierClear Hopps :iconglacierclear:GlacierClear 377 13 doodle by Ganym0 doodle :iconganym0:Ganym0 484 22 Popsicle by Ganym0 Popsicle :iconganym0:Ganym0 358 20 clothes change by CoffeeLSB clothes change :iconcoffeelsb:CoffeeLSB 1,639 200 Nick/Judy by Ganym0 Nick/Judy :iconganym0:Ganym0 5,211 225 bubble~ by CoffeeLSB bubble~ :iconcoffeelsb:CoffeeLSB 920 89



and it involves going to my FA since I'm not gonna bother with it here. :XD:

sorry guys, but go take a look here for stuff about 'The Anuraur' a species I've been developing quietly for who knows how long:…

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I am Atashi-Cloud here on DA, on Youtube I am known as SilverFennX and below is the link to that channel. Do be aware I do a thing called Let's Play, which is playing video games for people to watch and laugh at. Sometimes there's a lot of fun, other times it gets really bad...just take it with a grain of salt, folks. I'm not as bad as my bark sounds. :XD:


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