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Swordsman Concept

Hmmm what to say , tried some new techniques ...
Damn should be drawings Monsters , right ? ^^
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nice concept.
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wow good job. You did a really good job on the lighting affect and his clothes are genuinely one of a kind.

I was wondering though if you would allow me to use this image in the trading card game I am working on; I will give full credit to you if you allow me to use the picture. I will not use this image unless you give permission of course. If you have any questions just post a comment here or email me at
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this is freakin awesome i want armor like that xD looks like a futuristic tribal warrior
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Really a nice pic. Love the colors and design.
FutureElements's avatar
This looks great! very nicely done.
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pretty nice work man ! :D
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then again, you guys own most of the map right now ._.;

nice job ^^
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I think it's perfect as it is
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sehr gelungen. die warmen farben sprechen mich da besonders an :)

das design der rüstung erinnert mich ein bissel an guild wars *seufz* hach das waren noch fiene zeiten :D
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it's defenetly some hot shit I think ... donnu, but you should make more of these things ... props got out to you bro!
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genialer scheiß minzchen ... vllt noch mehr plastizität was schlagschatten und umgebung angeht
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^^ umgebung , das is gut
thx =)
111blur111's avatar
hey .. gern mal dummes zeuch gelabert ;D
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cool ... wobei du an den proportionen noch ein wenig arbeiten solltest - auf jedenfall ein sehr geiles conzept - nur das schwert sieht seltsam aus ...
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helf mir doch mal mit den proportionen =)
plank-muddy's avatar
kloar ... ... ich mach mal ne bleichstift-variate davon - wollte sowieso mal wieder nen bissel konzepte zeichnen
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Really cool but the you can see the line work behind and it really detracts form the picture. Great brush work though :)
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