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Atarod Green (Beta)

By Atarod
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I am not an script writer, so this fb2k customization is the result of some tweaks and minor changes I made to several great works I found here and there.
I tried to make a functional rather than stylish interface, to organize my huge music database. Without heavy scripts and minimal effect system resources and performance. Although in the end I felt disappointed because even heavy skins like DarkOne 4 was not very different from this one.
It would like to see some benchmarks to check effect of these scripts and different types on UI on system resources.
According to my experience components like waveform seekbar make a huge CPU peak when song played for the first time. Also auto-rating features (that I like it very much) spend lots of resources. It may not bother when you have a modern rig with lots of ram and cpu power but when size of music database increases everything start to lag and slow down.
Anyway, back to Atarod Green:

It is based on Columns UI, although looks more classic.
I used a very big musical spectrum in the middle, I don't know why it is not very popular.

To install:
- I recommend using a portable version of foobar and then extract files inside my zip into that folder.
-… needed for LCD screen to work.
- You may need to adjust size of different compartments to fit in your screen. (especially if you cants see waveform seekbar you should decrease height of above elements.)

1- VU meter skin is a minor color change of DBX skin by macarych
2- For graphical browser: Some steals from zoobar skin made by
3- And many others that I cant remember right now.
© 2014 - 2020 Atarod
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I have a problem to show embedded album cover, looking forward to your help (●'◡'●)
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Currently, it could only use "folder.jpg" from album folder. If images are embedded in music files it would not show anything.

If your images are saved in other name or format, right click on graphical browser and --> setting, in the draw section change the second line which now is:
and just change "folder.jpg"
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I downloaded it just for curiosity and I must say it's a well put together theme. Even tho it's not too flashy with its scary Default UI frames. :)
I know it's easier said than done, but this could benefit a lot from Columns UI + PSS + ELPlaylist, with few background gradients here and there, some panel switchers and stuff like that.

Only thing I don't like, is too much stuff in one place. You know, there should be tab dedicated for coverflow+playlist only, then there could be tab with playlist and VU meter + other vis, tab for lyrics, etc.

And man, don't worry about performance. It's working pretty well on an old crappy, single core CPU + 1GB of RAM :)
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Thanks, It was my first try. 

Actually I am working on a more refined one, with a dark/blue-red theme, and most of these frames removes. Also, a switcher added with more features. The cover flow is still up there but I removed VU-meter and musical spec. in favor of a big-complex display with channel SP. Most of work is done but I am still testing-modifying it to get the best result. 

One thing about NG-playlist: I tried EL and also a WSH playlist but I can't see any benefit in them, I feel that NG is faster. Is there any major benefit in EL in contrast to NG?

You are right about performance, yet I am very sensitive to it. One problem that occurred to me is a slight lag when a switcher is used in some heavy themes. Anyway, my current switcher (stealed from DarkOne theme is fast enough). 
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Didn't try WSH one, but EL is far more advanced than NG.
You can change colors and fonts in NG, maybe even add a few new columns, but in EL, you can create nearly any stuff you want in any way you want.
You can make custom playing indicators, selection boxes, cover art effects, and much, much more. And the best thing is, coding in it is really simple. 

As for performance. I didn't notice any slowdowns or memory leaks. The only time I made it choke was when I used a drawing function for 5000x5000px
cover arts with best available resize quality (for testing purposes). But even then, it was usable.