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Quantum Pony.

Okay first off dont any of you guys get the idea that Ill be doing more of this pony art thing any time soon Im just killing time and wanted to poke fun of this MLP thing and what better way to do a satire of one of my fave 80s sci-fi show Quantum Leap as both Twilight and Spike leap into classic MLP shows toys that you dont alway see alot in many MLP fanart plus it was kind of fun drawing the many style they drew from way back but what ever enjoy.

I drew all of this in under two days with both Gimp and Inkscape.

Oh BTW if your wondering why I didn't drew one version of Twilight as a G3.5 all I have to say is YOUR WELCOME.

My Little Pony: Magic Is Friendship. © Hasbro.
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You two might as well flee from that version of Fluttershy.

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MLP Gen's in a nutshell

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That's great! Thank you for posting this.

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MLP + Quantum Leap with a little Family Guy Road To The Multiverse thrown in.  Or maybe just Quantum Leap, but the accidental part of travelling to different universes is what made me think of Family Guy.
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Brilliant on multiple levels.

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this kinda reminds me of Sonic CD.

have you played that game?
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so that means a yes.
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Oh, wow, you nailed down the designs pretty good! I actually remember really enjoying some of G3 My little pony. Granted, it was still very subpar for what we expect of children's cartoons nowadays, but it was at least nicer than most of the things I remember from generations prior...and...after that. I still like the Runaway Rainbow movie, which I'm fairly certain was G3, they even had some pretty decent songs. 
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Twilight, you might want to test your spells before using them.
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needs to be dubbed!
I like the version before British spike
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Goddammit. I really thought it'd go to G4 at the end :XD:
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g2 and g3 actually suit twilight!
what version had a spike with a british accent
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I think its G3 mlp
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:XD: Too freaking awesome and funny!
Well done! :D
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