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One Punch Maud.

Maud is all about the Rocks  ...... ok.

Pony Stuff.
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This makes soo much scary sense.
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Not that would be an amazing crossover :D
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Now that is funny.
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She was doing it before it was cool. 
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She'll send you flying like a Boulder XD
No, wait! Ahm sorry! Ah was just playin! Chill, gurl!!
I'm just thankfully you didn't make her Bald.
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She'll rock your world. 
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Nice pun on One Punch Man. :lol:
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I've literally referred to Maud as "One Punch Mare" for the longest time and this just made my day!!! La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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Yes, Maud would be a perfect fit for One Punch Mare!

Now can you have her riding a sandworm?
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Now that is glorious.
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So who gets to play Genos?
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Maud is best punch mare! >_<
The ultimate protector of Equestria! 
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