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My Little Van Art.

To See a closeup look on both van art link below.

The Van - Art 01

The Van - Art 02

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typical,they prefer the original art than thebrony art xD
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Excellent, now they can drive around in it and solve mysteries. :D


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Lol, the second van art, especially Spike. :XD: I wonder if Lauren & Larson wants to turn the van into an MLP version of the Mystery Machine. :XD:
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ajaajjajajajaaj XD
I also wouldn't like the first. They look like animals there.
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DAmn, Larson has poor taste :XD:
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if I get a ride of my own IRL, I would paint it with some Sunset Shimmer art <3
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I take it Dr. Krieger has hired her to do his Rush vans.
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Other than "Everybody's a critic", everyone's so fickle or picky on taste. ;D 
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Both look great.
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The first one looked epic
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Exquisite!  Your finest work!  
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coolest for the 90's and the milenials xD
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