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My Little North Star WIP 001-002

Started doing this Yesterday and still live streaming as Im doing a Fist Of The North Star Parody with MLP. Done two scenes so far and today doing the next two scenes and everyday till Im done on this little pet project.

NOW I have no cloue how to resize it or make a menu on FLASH seeing I have no idea on how to make or use Flash I just use a online conversion from MP4 to Flash.

Ill be on live stream later today so hang on gang.

UPDATE: I just now uploaded the MP4 video on Youtube in case anyone like to see it in video format - My Little North Star WIP 001-002

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is this a jojo episode ?
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Fist Of The North Star was a Jump Manga in 1983 later into a anime tv series in 84 and then a movie in 86 and still being made, Jojo was a satire of Fist Of The North Star.
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holy shit i did not know
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pls do more of this
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you should have used the movie Ken for Maud. Maud with a manly beard lol
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Hoof of the Maud Star
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Fantastic job on this piece.
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As a Fist of the North Star fan, I approve!
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aaah thats the battle of the clip where he is like.... "Is too late... you are dead already..."
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can you give mp4 link because i dont have flash
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knuncle-crackle :ohnoes:
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That my friend is the universal language of "You Knew, You Fucked Up" 
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ok.. 2big4me im done ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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It's an ambitious project ! Good job Clap Clap 
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Pain is coming.
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PS, I'm curious to see what else happens!
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