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Marge All Pumped Up.

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Here's a drawing I did back in 03 of Marge taking up weightlifting from 'Strong Arms Of The Ma'.

"Strong Arms Of The Ma"
The family attends Rainier Wolfcastle's bankruptcy sale and purchase a weight bench. Homer makes his own way home as there is no room for him in the car. Marge gets mugged in an alley on the way home, which results in a fear of leaving the house. This soon escalates to her living in the basement. She discovers the weight bench and begins to work out. Eventually she grows stronger to the point where she can protect herself, so she leaves the house and meets Ruth Powers at a women's bodybulding clinic. Ruth introduces Marge to steroids, but she marginally misses out on winning a bodybuilding contest. She puts this down to being too feminine. She starts a fight at Moe's Tavern but Homer makes her realize steroids have turned her into everything she stood against. The weight bench is burnt and things return to normal.
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Always loved her and that episode. <3 
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Would love to be trapped between those massive legs please 
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I'm as ripped as a mattress tag
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Probably not the best way to show women's muscle in that episode
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Yami-Marik93Hobbyist Artist
now, i am trying to find that episode, cuz i haven't seen it awhile, and i can't find it on youtube. think i need help finding it.
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Sexy one of Marge here
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Obviously Edna got ideas

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on the Simpson, Marge is my favorite female character
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Marge Schwarzenegger
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Marge- Well what do you know, I made a better body without steroids
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Marge: Look out.! These guns are loaded
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Wow ! I can,t believe Marge is fully pumped up from doing all does exercises at her own home in Springfield.
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I didn't like the way they ended that episode, effectively pressing the reset button so that all that hard work she went through never happened. She should've at least kept some of her muscle IMO.
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chronolegionnaireHobbyist Artist
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great77 Digital Artist
excellent! that is a gauntee:
:star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star: out of 5, it's sooo HOT AND SEXY!!!!
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Atariboy2600Hobbyist Digital Artist
GABOGRAFICOProfessional Photographer
i like it a lot... well done friend!!
Just visit my profile [link] and take a look at my SIMPSORAMA fanart. Post your comment and thanks again!
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Let's Go Marge!
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Homer, you lucky SOB!
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StarleneHobbyist General Artist
Really nice job! I saw that episode and it looks exactly like her.
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I'd like to see her like this more often.
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Now that is one ripped toon, shame she had to give up them muscles. =( Great job on this oldie Atariboy but IMO I think she looks even more sexy with her hair down, sorta like a yellow venus...... That sounds familiar for some reason, I dunno why..... :confused:
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