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MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Twilight Sparkle.

And here's my final take on MLP/GIjoe crossover label art this time its Twilight Sparkle. Now even if they never really shown a Alt-Twilight from the Final episode of MLP Season 5 The Cutie Re-Mark but if they never did have Twilight appear in the episode and also that she did not become a princess and still being a unicorn than they would have use the style that they had done in episode 'Its About Time' where Twilight came back from the future looking all beat up and war torn and I can see that happen I mean the way she looks as if she could be a bad ass like the vain of 'Snake Plissken' from Escape from New York or super secret spy that hinds in the shadows looking for intell (reading books) from behind enemy line like 'Big Boss' from Metal Gear Solid V.  

Anyway I hope you enjoy this ride.

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My Little Pony & G.I.Joe. © Hasbro.

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This needs to be made real! Is Hasbro seeing this?

PS. Pity they didn't make a MLP/Transformers movie crossover line, I want Princess Skystar to be a Quad Changer!
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Very nice crossover of GI Joe and MLP since Hasbro owns both
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Code name: Solid Sparkle
Special skill: Box disguise
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Why didn't you do Equestria Girls versions of these (even Sunset Shimmer)?
Atariboy2600's avatar
doing all of them at once so stay tune^^
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I'm just talking hypothetically here, if she's still a unicorn in the future, then does that mean she forfeited princesshood at one point that we don't get to see yet?
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So how many proofs of purchases or pony points do you need to get her?

Fantastic job on this project. Hope to see either the enemy cards for this line or perhaps a Power Ponies line in the vein of The Super Powers Collection from Kenner.
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And Spike comes either dead last, or not at all. Twilight was in his situation throughout Cutie Remark, witnessing changes to everyone they knew while they remained unaffected...but who cares about making sense? Gotta find an excuse and cram her into this series anyway! Filling in all six slots is a requirement.

The mane six are more of a fucking toy set than a cast of characters. You've embodied that here most derisively.
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He was never hatched in this timeline.
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Would of liked to of seen what Alt future Twilight would of looked like,
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Nice one!!!!!! Now that are 6 are done, do you plan to design figures for these cards with items?
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