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MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Rainbow Dash.

Next one on the list is Alt-Rainbow Dash in her Crystal War outfit as the Wonderbolts fighter. Made say what you will about her but Dash seem super bad ass in this episode.

Again same as I did on 
Applejack I first made the classic GIJoe style backdrop card using only Inkscape vector program. Every texts and explosions are mouse drawn.  Next I drew the main cast in GIMP all airbrush painted to give that original art style for the 80s tou line.

More to come.

MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Applejack. by Atariboy2600 MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Pinkie Pie. by Atariboy2600 MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Rarity. by Atariboy2600 MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Fluttershy. by Atariboy2600 MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Twilight Sparkle. by Atariboy2600

My Little Pony & G.I.Joe. © Hasbro.

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Have you done GI Joe style box art for the other MLP characters? I'd like to see the following as GI Joe style "Modern Pony Action Figures":

1. Starlight Glimmer and Trixie Lulamoon double pack (Trixie could be using energy weapons and Starlight using an RPG launcher)
2. Lyra and Bon Bon double action set
3. Sugar Belle: Cupcake Warrior Woman
4. Love Enslaver aka Queen Chrysalis, evil Changeling (tm) Leader!
5. Sunset Shimmer
6. Cutie Mark Super Commandoes (tm), (with Commander Apple Bloom and her friends, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Extreme Sports Special Ops Specialist, Diamond Tiara, the unbreakable princess of action and good looks, and her best friends, Silver Spoon, fighting for the freedom of birth privillige and friendship! She also makes good tea and coffee! She can even make you a milkshake if you want.)
7. Bulk Biceps, sports massage expert and super fighter/trainer of the heroic Equestrians! ("YEAH!")
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Additional: Depict Sugar Belle with a MLCS (Multiple Launch Cupcake System) launcher, shooting exploding cupcakes at the changelings on her box art. Her MLCS could have a magic assisted targeting scope. Also, should Double Diamond and Party Favor get there own "Modern Pony Action Figures"?
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I'm making a custom brushable Dashie from this timeline and it would be cool in this packaging lol Rainbow Dash (Happy) Plz 
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I would imagine her having a detachable helmet and maybe an option non metal wing?
Didn't get into the GI Joe stuff as a kid (and I was around for the originals), but I'd totally get these.
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I was never into action figures, despite being technically male, into martial arts, guns, weapons and WW2. But if these were real, I'd want these badass ponies!
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I have the desire to throw money at action figures.
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I almost want to print these.
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Nice one!!!! I like her suit. :)
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