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MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Applejack.

For the life of me why didn't anyone made any mockup My Little Pony/G.I.Joe crossover fan art on the classic GIJoe action figure cover artworks. I only found a small hand full of fan art on this theme and well after seeing the final season 5 of MLP I may have well go all the way and make some mockup label art using the Alt Time Line Ponys where they are in there Crystal War outfits. Starting off is Applejack and in here Workhorse fatigue.

I first made the classic GIJoe style backdrop card using only Inkscape vector program. Every texts and explosions are mouse drawn.  Next I drew the main cast in GIMP all airbrush painted to give that original art style for the 80s toy line.

I started drawing them today and should be done with the rest so stay tune for more label art. 

MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Rainbow Dash. by Atariboy2600 MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Pinkie Pie. by Atariboy2600 MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Rarity. by Atariboy2600 MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Fluttershy. by Atariboy2600 MLP Action Figure Label Cover - Twilight Sparkle. by Atariboy2600

My Little Pony & G.I.Joe. © Hasbro.

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Now we need Transformers styled packaging
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Inspiring fillies and mares everywhere to put their muzzles to the grindstone for the war effort. :)
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Buy your canning factory playset now! :)
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GI Pones.

"Now you have Friends. And Friendship is half the battle."
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Good job on these. I wonder if they still sell these action figures.
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just wonder why mocking?

it is actually pretty neat idea
I like it :-)
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Just an observation, but while Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Marble Pie (or was it Maude?) were wearing uniforms on the battlefield, those uniforms weren't camouflage.  But AJ's has camo on it...but she's a farm worker and not a soldier.  How's that work?
Helps her blend in with the trees so enemy solders don't snipe her while she's tending the farm... (It's easy for an earth pony to grow new trees, but not if they're dead.)
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Nice one! Do you plan to do all of the Mane 6 like this?
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I really need to see that episode
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