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Kill La Kill, My New Project A-ko?

Think of this as Old School meets New Class.

I wanted start off by saying the following, first I was big into alot of ANIME phenomenon even way back in the late 80s I mean that last Japanese cartoon that I felt in love was and still is Project Ako and all there movies that I still have on Tape, DVD and yes even Laserdisc (laserdisc player still works) but just lask week Red Silver shown me a new (well new to me) anime call Kill La Kill and by now I know alot of you know what this show is but as I been wicthing it I notest some things that makes me feel like this is almost like abit of Project Ako in it and Im not alone here's a film critic said this "Kill La Kill is overwhelmingly close to Project A-Ko, both acting as parodies of 80's anime and culture. With similar tone and characters, there is no doubt one influenced the other" But then after seeing more it I start to feel that I really should go into this whole Anime Bandwagon so yesterday I gone and got my self the whole Complect set of Kill La Kill on Blueray and then I said damn I need to get a real Blueray cuase Im not going to use any of my PS3,4 I want to use a real stand alone player. But don't think Im going to go all Anime Crazy here I not thouse that buy every japanese cartoons movie and shows I mean Im already into VIDEO GAMING craz but now I want to see more and I need your help, list me what are good anime that I should be start seeing now remember the last anime I last saw was in what like 1991 and stoped after that crazy cult following on Dragonballs I hate that show and please no Pokemon too.

And I want to say thank Red for making see the light that I should not avoiding anime anymore and they can be fun again.

BTW if anyone that still had not seen any of the Project Ako movies you can go here at…

there you can see all 5 films and even a behind the look in how they made the anime in 86.

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Intriguing comparison, and not in short supply when you look. La kill is masterful writing. PAK I'm crazy for, love the battles and have its electronic music. Have notes for a couple fanfic stories.