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Hasbro's Delivery Intern.


I got nothing.

My Little Pony & G.I.Joe. © Hasbro.
Alfred E Neuman TM & C Mad Magazine & WB Publications.

Pony Stuff.
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Cobra Commander’s skin looks too healthy there.

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From the sadly aborted MLP: A Real Equestrian Hero (MLPFiM/GI Joe) crossover series pilot.

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Baby boomers appreciate the Mad magazine reference, even though we got corrupted by it. 
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I'm not gonna lie. That was f***king hilarious.
buried-legacy's avatar
Sorry didnt mean to comment on you
that okay just make sure you watch where the mouse go next time okay.
buried-legacy's avatar
dont have a computer i have a tablet and i phone
okay just look carefully okay?
MisterJones4899's avatar
I'm most impressed with panel 3.

Mad Magazine was a staple when I was a kid.

If there's National Lampoon in your gallery I'm going to recommend that your government gives you a medal.

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you should do a similar comic with the transformers
ColonelBSacquet's avatar

Gotta love RD's face. :-)
Robot972's avatar
I love Twilight's line XD
Tyrranux's avatar
Oh dear God, actual EGQ dresses, a level of detail that tickles me pink XDXDXDXD
Chains1111's avatar
This is just fucked up beyond any repair (FUBAR)
buried-legacy's avatar
Looks like were gonna need a reboot
schneelocke's avatar
I love how you're emulating Don Martin's style there. ^^
xAjelandrox's avatar
pues yo no veo nada raro con la imagen, asi es como veo ambas fanquicias.
ijustloveit619's avatar
Ponies makes things 20% cooler :D
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Well the first panel seems legit to me. That's totally something that could happen if you gave them weapons.
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