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Growth Period Animation WIP 2.0 UPDATE



Hey, everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the animation. It’s taken a long time to learn all the ins and outs of animating using CSP and I’ve taken two weeks off from commissions to do all this. And this is only the first half of the animation. If you want to keep supporting me and my animations for Growth Period, feel free to send along a tip. Every little bit counts at Best to send it under a ‘friends and family’ payment.

The scene is set in 1985 in a world where all females are able to have muscle growth at will but many female some time cant control there muscle growth. Stella having her "bad day" as she's about to have her growth period but forgot to bring her extra backup clothing for her FMG and well she seem to be abit upset. Dave her boyfriend just came to see Stella in a very bad timing. The animation program Im using is from Clip Studio Pro.

UPDATE: I resize the SWF video from 1080 to 720p for better viewing.
UPDATE: Click here for the Youtube version of this animation - Growth Period - Animation WIP Youtube.

To know more on this head over to 
Growth Period Gallery.
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Adorablicious animation, you are very skilled, the art is unique and reminds me of Loony Toons, finally something that's not anime :iconclappingplz:

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