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Growth Period Animation WIP 2.0 SIDE B



You ever had one of those days where you about to date your girlfriend only she has two really annoying and bratty sister that just wanted to pick on you? Well Dave knows that hard way in this updated video animation that I added just under a week you see the new scenes in Red Pencils Drawings.

Stella's twin sisters are about to bully Dave and use him as a rag doll if the mother don't come in and stop them in her own motherly way.

The new 10+ scenes that only took me under a week to draw that mean Im getting the hang of Clip Studio. Hope to see more done by next months or so before I can get started on ink and color.

Again if you want to keep supporting me and my animations for Growth Period, feel free to send along a tip. Every little bit counts! Just send it to 
at  Ill take any amount heck Ill even take old video games as tips:)

UPDATE: Click here for the Youtube version of this animation - Growth Period - Animation WIP  SIDE B Youtube.

To know more on this head over to 
Growth Period Gallery.
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Wow, how'd I miss this all year?

Fantastic work, dude! :D