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Darkplace for Intellivision.

Here's a mockup art work I did a Intellivision of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace a funny Adult Swim new show. I try to recreate that old 1980s Intellivision style art work of Darkplace cast. Aside from the real photo of a Intellivision cart I drew everything you see on the box art, label name by using Intellivision fonts and took a old game screen shot to make a looks like from the show.

More info on Garth Marenghi's Darkplace - [link]
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I would bathe in crabs, shit and piss for this game! Crab, shit and piss.
And piss.
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Terrific!  Well, all your work is great, but being a huge fan of 'Darkplace',  I found this particularly pleasing.
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10/10 would play this until my hands bled with blood. Blood. Blood. Blood. Blood. And shit and piss.
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So beautiful....  It's like staring into a steak dinner made of royalty checks and adventurous divorcees.
AuslanderStaccato's avatar
:D OMG. The nostalgic feels...they're overwhelming.
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I've been hearing a lot of things about this piece of art. Strange things, crazy things, things!!
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I like this picture. But in favouriting it, I inadvertently left the gates of Hell open. When I came to close them, there was evil everywhere, and I was driven insane...

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I like it.
I like it a lot.
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this is fucking awesome!
i want this game
i should code it. got any suggestions for it? or you code it. i also love the art also lol whats just up with matt's nose. he looks so weird there but seriously i love this great shit.
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I mentioned a long time ago that I planned to do a Lego'd version of Darkplace, but after I actually did it, I forgot to show you! Anyway, here it is: [link]
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You truly are a highlander (Scottish person)
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Awesome! I loved that show. I thought it was great!

"Blood. Blood. Blood...and bits of sick."
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Maggots? Maggots.

I love the show and I love the art. Great Job!
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looks like something out of persona 3
SherbertTCat's avatar
More like looks like something out of 1983.
Ripplin's avatar
Brilliant! :D

I did a Lego version of The IT Crowd, if you're interested: [link] I should do one of Darkplace, too.
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This is pretty cool.
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I'd pay to play that LOL!
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Thats awesome.
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