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Rainbow Dash Cosplay Fursuit Pegasus Rainbow Pony

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Rainbow Dash Fursuit commission

- Head Plastic Mold , Adjustable Headset, Radial Fan
- Body (Undersuit Muscle and Furcoversuit) - Japan Cut Digi-grated, 15mm Italian Fur and 70mm Italian Fur, Cutie Mark embroidery
- Wings Wingset adjustable and Sandwich Quilted removable Wing Covers
- Boots with Alu Horseshoes

Commission welcome for Mai 2019 till end 2019
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how much is for rainbow dash?

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Very nice c: how much did he cost? I might commission a similar one of Rainbow Dash.

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first what a awsome suit you have my admiration and second where do you find that blue fur i being looking for that fur color for years i am making a partial suit and i need a color like that.

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I was wondering how much for a oc unicorn. thank you for your time!
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I might be in the market in for one for my collection and I would like to get a price quote from you for a rainbow dash like the one above 

- thank you you for your time 
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did you get my PM ?
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Yes I did and I got a job and my working my hardest to earn the money and I’m sorry if you thought I was going to order that day but when I’m ready I’ll send you another note sorry for the inconvenience to you and your wonderful operation that you do for so many people 
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What are commision prices cuz I need a suit urgently
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Hi Lunar,
Urgent is a bit a problem. But we have a Yellow / Blue Male Pony in stock which is for sale.
fits 1.72m and 70 KG shoe size till EU 44 price would be for this one 900 USD special sale.
A commission would be for a earth pony from 1850 euro but sadly we cant finish till July
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Oh ok well is there a way u can teach me how to make one??? I really want one but I can't afford those prices
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This looks pretty good
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